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Those are some cool scores. I had no clue what the adjusters for the sonic landspeeder looked like. The damage to the Falcon seem odd. The batteries must have dripped from one end to the other for that kind of damage to the cardboard. I wonder what other damage there is. On the plus if you want to clean the battery terminals, the Falcon is the easiest to clean.
Yeah, I think the Falcon was stored on its side with the battery compartment on top and the acid ran all the way down inside. It was real easy to fix. I have a box of junk Falcon hulls. I just pulled a working motor and a carboard interior and wham, good as new. Just one shinny black bead away from a second complete Falcon. The only other damage was a bit of dicoloration on the side and bottom from the battery leak. The motor was not worth cleanning the acid ate the motor itself too, not just the terminals.