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    When I was a kid, my dad had his money heavily invested in the family business, so we couldn't afford a whole lot of extras at the time. So even though I couldn't buy them, I enjoyed sifting through them and thus have more nostalgic memories of carded SW figures.

    I think he thought they were a ripoff too. "$1.99 for a little piece of plastic?" I remember him saying. I kidded him years later that if he would have bought all those figures that I wanted for $1.99, they would be worth hundreds of dollars apiece today, which was a way better return than the stock market. Course I'd of opened them if he would have gotten em for me.

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    I went back to F&S, and the booth with the vintage accessories and parts had more (LOTS of vinyl SW carry cases and figure trays), but only one TIE Interceptor wing (of course, same side as my goof from before, but the connector was broken anyway) stuff, but I went Hasbro buying instead of Kenner (no good deals to me).
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    I just got in the mail a Han Solo type Laser Blaster. I've been looking for one of those on and off for a couple of years now. The problem is most of the pistols I've seen are eBay are ESB logos and I've want either SW or ROTJ logos. The SW pistol is all black and the ESB and ROTJ pistols have silver nobs and a red trigger. So what I picked up is a ROTJ version. Other than a little dirt on one side of the handle and some crude in the battery compartment it's clean. The stickers are in good shape and works like it's new.

    Still looking for the 3 position rifle though. I had one, but the price got too steep. Those are rare enough I don't care whether it's a SW or ESB logo. SW would be better (and most likely cheaper) but rarity is king in this case.
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    I've been wanting an SW pistol. It's hard to find them in working condition!
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    When I got the POTF2 one (kind of gray, not the ugly awful orange?!? one), it pretty much sated my hunger for a vintage one. But I do have a very beaten-up 3-position rifle, and the hilt of a lightsaber (no tube).
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    All the way from the Iberian Peninsula: I thought this might be of interest to some.

    BTW: "EEUU" is the Spanish abbreviation for "USA".

    IF you're interested in making a "recent purchase".
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    All the way from the Iberian Peninsula: I thought this might be of interest to some.

    BTW: "EEUU" is the Spanish abbreviation for "USA".

    IF you're interested in making a "recent purchase".
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    Got this case for $14.99 + shipping. You know, you just can't beat these vintage vinyl cases for SW figure storage! The "display" (pegs) function of the trays is hard to beat for vintage figs, too.
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    Since the vintage line was basically pose-less figures, and the current lines can be goofy scene-specific poses, these have their limits on what can be stored. But I like them (I have about 8-10 different vinyl cases and STILL don't have enough room for all my figs! ). Why doesn't Hasbro make some like this, instead of the character shaped cases (R2 and Falcon are the only ones I can think of, aside from the repainted yellow Threepio case)?
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    they also had a Vader in the vintage case Bel-Cam
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