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Boy they just don't mean toys like they use to. You should write letter complaining to that that staff came loose after only 25 years, after all Kenner does care.

Seriously though, that's a nice find. That bubble looks great.
Yeah, I should probably suggest a way that they can hold the figures and accessories in place using super tight rubber bands that warp the figures and cut into the plastic. I'm sure they'd listen to me.

Actually, on a side note, I wonder what effect those rubber bands are going to have on modern figures 20-25 years down the road. I guess we'll find out when MOC collectors start complaining about the bands melting into the body parts or creating permanent stains as they degrade.

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Nice score! I'd love to get back into collecting Vintage figs....I think I'm at 11 so far.
I've decided to get back into it again; but pace myself more this time. A couple of years ago, I spend so much money on vintage toys over such a short period of time that I kind of burned myself out and I ended up having to sell most of it when the economy went south.

So I'm just going to focus on those items that I really want and not worry so much about having complete collections of anything. Next on my list is a POTF carded Jawa.

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Real nice, BigB. That'll display very well.
Yep, I'm real happy with it and since I already own a loose Barada figure, I have no urge to open him up, which is always a big temptation for me with vintage carded figures (not so much with the modern carded figures, which is kind of odd).

I've got him in a Star Case right now, but honestly I really hate the way Star Cases look. So I'm ordering one of those Acrylic AFA cases for him.