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I seem to remember you asking about this variation in the past. Given what little I know about it I would assume this is the proper variation that comes with the '84 Jabba the Hutt Dungeon. Have you run across an '84 Amanaman or EV-9D9? I remember you talking about the eyes on both, but not the data stamp.
Yep, that first Barada was out of my Jabba's Dungeon set (which I sold back in 2008 ), but it was the only figure with a 1984 datestamp. Amanaman and EV-9D9 still had their standard 1985 datestamps.

However, during the two years that I was tracking this figure down, I emailed a lot sellers and talked to some other collectors on RS and most of them had Baradas that came out of the Jabba's Dungeon set, but they all had 1985 datestamps. So, I don't know why there are a few with 1984 on them.

Since the Jabba's Dungeon was a Sears exclusive, then maybe some of the earliest orders from the 1984 Sears Catalog would have included the 1984 Barada, but the later release sets that were available in Sears "brick and mortar" stores might have included the 1985 Barada.

It seems logical, but it's really just a guess at this point.