I'm still short about 5 figures from my vintage collection (not counting variants like plastic-caped Jawa): Imperial Dignitary, EV-9D9, Romba, Yak Face, & Imperial Gunner. This is thanks mostly to my parents deciding "Star Wars isn't popular anymore - you can't buy them anymore" after the final group had been out for a few months. I had seen every one of them (aside from Yak) in KB, and amazingly managed to finagle a purchase of Amanaman, whom I thought looked really cool, and was extremely lucky to find my Holy Grail of the vintage figs, Han in Carbonite, at TRU a few months earlier.

About 9 years ago, I spent about $250 to get Stormtrooper Luke and Blue Snaggletooth at a comic shop, and found new lightsabers to replace the ones I'd lost for Bespin and Jedi Luke. I actually did find a loose Yak Face at a different comic shop back in the late 90's, but being in college, $350 for a figure simply wasn't happening.

Considering the prices for these vintage figs, even loose, I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll never obtain these "final 5," because at this point, while I wish I could say that I had the whole vintage set (a claim I was able to make about 4 times in the 80's until that last group came out), it just isn't worth it anymore. (Besides which, since ebay went to paypal only, and the few comic shops left aren't swimming in overpriced vintage SW merchandise like they were 12-15 years ago, my options to buy them are practically nil anyway)