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    A Link to the Past was my introduction to the Zelda series and I'll never forget that experience! In some ways I wish the N64 Zelda had kept the top-down view as the computing power needed to make a fully 3D world just takes memory away from the actual adventure and story.

    However, OOT and MM were great on their own ways. Heck when a Playstation magazine states that they would be hard pressed to come up with a game as good as Zelda:OOT (even on the PS2) then that's saying something.

    BTW, I just downloaded an NES emulator along with the original Zelda so I will be drowning in Zelda bliss soon enough.:happy:

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    Stay away from Zelda 2, it will cause head injuries.

    I see a lot of people have listed their favorite games on next-gen consoles, with very few NES and 2600 games listed. Does that mean that the first system that many people here played/had was SNES/N64, or do they just not remember NES games?

    Am I really that old? I remember every NES game I had (probably because I stll play them on a daily basis. I'm currently playing Battletoads right now )

    Metroid prime is going to kick @$$! Nintendo has never let me down on their prime series'. And this is the first metroid game since SNES. Cel-da and Star Fox: DP look outstanding as well. It'd be nice to get a very large, and colorful Pokemon game for the cube that is in the style of the GB games (people, these games are really good.)
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    The SNES was the first console system I ever owned, mainly because by the time it was released I was living on my own and had a job (the Army ). My parents had enough trouble buying me $3 Star Wars figures as a kid, there is no way they were going to fork over $200 on a video game system. I knew friend who had the NES, Atari and Sega Master System; but never really sat down and played any games long enough to really get the feel of them.

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    I wasn't all that young when my uncle had the 1st Pong...

    game hooked up to a 13" black & white TV. Damn, I still think that was a helluva fun game. Does anyone here remember Tandy's A-Mazing World of Malcolm Mortar or any other games for the old Tandy systems?

    But the most fun I had in the "old days" on video games was a full-sized arcade video game my room mate had called "Rip-Off." It was similar to Asteroids - you had to link up to and drag away little fuel canisters from the center of the screen while blasting asteroids and enemy ships that came on-screen to blast you. It was pure vector-graphic bliss. A plain white outlined chevron for your ship and little dots for your laser blasts. We had a real Ricaro car seat bolted to a milk crate to sit in while playing and we got so good at the game that it would begin to run so fast it would either not be able to hit the "good guy" ship with the blasts from the enemy ships, or it would start to "cheat" by blowing you up when nothing touched you, and finally it would just lock up - usually with hideous electronic sounds.
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    I reeeeeeally think I have a soft spot for games, movies, that are collectively called "bad"

    I actually kinda liked Zelda II. Obviously it's crap compared to the first, but it was still fun.

    I'm just a kook though.
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    Soldier of Fortune is awesome, so is Red Faction. Counter Strike would be good if it worked.

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    Electronic Gaming Monthly just put out their list of the 100 best video games of all time. Tetris was number 2 and Super Metroid was number 1! My favorite video game Super Mario Bros. 3 was at number 11 and my second favorite Metal Gear Solid was at 14.
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    talk about timely!

    yesterday's Futurama episode paid elaborate homage to golden-age coin-ops like asteroids, qbert, pacman, space invaders, berzerk and donkey kong

    swaffy: you mean this? it was desigined by the same guy who did Reactor

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    re: "swaffy: you mean this?"

    ...yessiree that's the one. I have it on MAME emulator on my PC, but to play well, you really have be aggressive on the keys, and I don't wanna be that harsh on my keyboard. I may get a "throw-away" keyboard just for use while playing, but that is not very high on my budget list at the moment.
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    Re: talk about timely!

    Originally posted by vulcantouch
    yesterday's Futurama episode paid elaborate homage to golden-age coin-ops like asteroids, qbert, pacman, space invaders, berzerk and donkey kong
    That was a hilarious ep, I wish I had remembered to tape it, I was laughing till I wheezed my guts out.

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