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    Exclamation Best video game of all time.

    What do you think is the best video game ever? It does not have to be a Star Wars game, it can be any game from the Atari up.I think the best game is Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Nintendo. I loved playing that game. My cousin and I used to play for hours. That game rocks!!!
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    Atari on up? Darn. I was going to say pong.

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    the best video game ever is by far
    zelda ocarina of time!!
    the gameplay the graphics the music.......


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    After just buying A PS2 and being a bit of a sports buff the Madden 2002 game is pretty sweet!
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    Hard to quantify the "best" video game of all time since all of the different genres and progresses in technology. I would say Super Mario 3 is up there along with Street Fighter II, which defined a whole new age in gaming. My favourite though has to be TIE Fighter. It was a engrossing saga with some memorable moments including the TIE Defender and Missile Boat. Now if they would only come out with an AT-AT simulator.

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    Well, I don't know about best but my favs are,

    SNES: A New Hope, Empire Strikes back, Return of the Jedi

    N64: Goldeneye, SotE, Zelda Oot, Zelda MM, Indiana Jones

    PC: Half-Life, Jedi Knight, Max Payne, Galactic Battlegrounds, Unreal Tournament, THPS2

    and the most creative title award goes to: American McGees Alice

    This list is subject to change any moment.

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    Oh yeah.....C&C: Red Alert 2 rocks, too............

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    for my old TI/99-4A - Parsec
    for PC - Episode 1 Racer - a game that I can actually do well at!
    for PS/2 - Grand Tourismo 3 (I can't believe the graphics)

    But then, I don't play games all that often. I tend to buy them, play them once, and then never play them again, until I uninstall them a year or so later to free up room on the HDD

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    FF6, Legend of Zelda (original), Metal Gear Solid, Ocarina of Time
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