Hello, I figure this is worth a shot:

Celebration III is going to have an exclusive Topps promo card available only at the con and I need to get one. Well, I'm actually looking to get a total of 3 for myself and two friends. Anyhoo, I have no idea how these will be distributed but if you happen to be walking around the convention and you see anybody just handing these things out, I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you could throw a few in your bag for me. And of course I will make it worth your time with toys, cash, or services.

Again, I don't know how these will be distributed but if they are just tossing them around left and right (and not making people wait in line for them) then I figure I have a shot to get some before heading to eBay.

The card features a new character from Episode 3 and here is what it looks like.

Thanks !