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Thread: Chantico!!!

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    Thumbs up Chantico!!!

    Heads up everybody! Starbucks has a new (non-coffee) drink, and it's the bomb - Chantico - drinking chocolate!!! If you're a chocolate lover like me, Chantico is a dream come true! It tastes like drinking hot, liquid dark chocolate brownies, and it makes my tummy very happy. It's a bit on the pricey side - the regular size is smaller than the Starbucks tall and costs $3.50, but it's well worth it if you love chocolate. Rightfully, the stuff is probably too rich to drink much more than the standard size, though you can order in any of Starbucks other sizes (be forewarned - it costs $5.30 in a tall). I have had a larger size and was still left wanting more, however. I hear that Starbucks is having a launch party of sorts for the new drink this thursday where they will be offering free samples between 4 and 6pm. Try it now!

    Starbucks should really hire me to promote this stuff...

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    Re: Chantico!!!

    C'mon! I know you guys go to Starbucks; everybody does. Nobody has any love for Chantico? Nobody?! Is this stuff only available in my area? Are there no fellow chocolate lovers out there?


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