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Thread: Ebay

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    Re: Flame Thrower

    I'll take two!

    This is neater than my electronic cell phone zapper. Hey, it could replace the cell phone zapper!
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    Re: Ebay

    Friggin' awesome. Only $20 to be able to mete out firey vengeance on your peers. Gets no better.
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    Re: Ebay

    I think it would be illegal to carry around a flamethrower, but could come in handy when face to face with a Hot Wheel collector, the bane of the collecting society.
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    Re: Ebay

    My latest score. The army building continues:

    May the force be with you.

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    Re: Ebay

    Quote Originally Posted by sith_killer_99
    My latest score. The army building continues:

    Gotta love that low price!
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    Re: Ebay

    You guys may like this, I was going to get it but im too involved with my clone army right now

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    Re: Ebay

    Ill be happy when this comes! I dont know why, but I will be..............

    And what on earth is A-Track? Some sort of superior technology?
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    Re: Ebay

    Pretty sweet. You got a player?
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    Re: Ebay

    Yeah, Ill listen to it right after Im done watching TRON, on beta max...........
    You'll be dead!

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