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    McFarlane Toys Picks Up 'The Simpsons'!!

    For those of you who were fans of Playmates Simpsons lines, there's some intresting news coming out of McFarlane Toys this morning. It seems that ole Toddy boy has snatched up the rights to produce figures from the long running series. Frankly I can't see why this was done, as the original Playmates line was dieing a slow death. And nearly every possible figure but a few were produced in that line. A Futurama line would have been more welcome, in my honest opinion. And the big question is, will these be able to top the Playmates line? In my opinion, rather doubtful. It may even end up like South Park's figure line in the end, and cancelled before it ever happens.
    Two Separate Action Figure Boxed Sets to be Released this Fall
    January 18, 2005

    "Woo Hoo!" McFarlane Toys proudly announced a new licensing agreement with Fox Licensing & Merchandising bringing an all-new line of action figures based on characters from the hugely successful FOX series The Simpsons to fans everywhere. These amazing new Simpsons action figures will be released this fall in two separate multi-figure boxed sets. Each box will contain a different set of action figures re-creating favorite moments. Fans of the show will be saving up their "D'oh!" to get their hands on these hot new Simpsons products.

    McFarlane Toys will breathe life into its version of The Simpsons action figures through sculpting, poses and paint applications. Founder and CEO Todd McFarlane will personally work with The Simpsons creative team to capture their favorite legendary and key iconic moments from The Simpsons and bring to life the snapshot storytelling that McFarlane Toys is best known for with its fans.

    "As a fan of The Simpsons since its very inception, I know our toy company will bring as much innovation to these new character products as Matt Groening and his crew have done all these years," said Todd McFarlane. "My goal is to bring out very intriguing items that will reward the fans who have supported this show. We want to push the envelope so that the true essence of the show is captured."

    "We are really excited to be working with McFarlane Toys to develop the next generation of Simpsons collectibles which will capture some truly unforgettable moments from the series," said Peter Byrne, Executive Vice President of Licensing & Merchandising at FOX. "McFarlane Toys has an exceptional reputation in the action figure category and we're looking forward to developing some really unique products for the huge Simpsons fan base out there."

    The new line of Simpsons toys will be made available through two limited boxed sets in the Fall of 2005 with a full product line hitting shelves in 2006.
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    Re: McFarlane Toys Picks Up 'The Simpsons'!!

    Oh, dissen gonna be veddy bombad.
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    Re: McFarlane Toys Picks Up 'The Simpsons'!!

    Wow. I just don't know what to think about that. I'm pretty sure they'll look pretty interesting, but I'm almost certain I'll end up not giving them more than a passing glance on the shelves. Unless McF were planning on continuing on with the figures as Playmates started them, I just couldn't see starting over with a new Simpsons line; especially not so soon. These are going to have to be really, really spectacular.

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    Re: McFarlane Toys Picks Up 'The Simpsons'!!

    It'll be interesting to see what direction they go with it. The Playmates line suffered from their need to get voice permission from Fox and the actors to produce the figures. Without the voice requirement McFarlane Toys have a much wider selection to chose from when producing figures.

    For me the worse part about the Playmates line was the many variations they produced for a select few characters. Towards the end that seemed to be all we were getting was more Willie, Homer, Lisa, Bart, etc. variations while there were another 100 characters itching to be made. That line ended up being supported primarily by the hardcore Simpsons fans yet Playmates was still gearing most of their effort to appease the common fan.

    I've never collected any genre supported by McFarlane before so this will be new for me. How about the Duff Beer mascots?!
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    Re: McFarlane Toys Picks Up 'The Simpsons'!!

    I would buy Homer and Bart from The Raven from the Treehouse of Horror Episode.

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    Re: McFarlane Toys Picks Up 'The Simpsons'!!

    I dunno what to think about this. I was with the Playmates line till the end and am damn proud and happy of my simpsons toy collection. I just don't know what Todd will do to it. I mean, he made a Twisted Oz line and those creepy sucktacular line with Red Riding Hood. what's next: Bart with a gorilla hand and Homer eating Marges corpse? Should be interesting to see.
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    Re: McFarlane Toys Picks Up 'The Simpsons'!!

    More likely a cool looking Bart with crappy paint (never mind he's all yellow; Todd will find a way to screw up the paint) whose permanently in one rather odd pose and whose arm falls off as you as you open the gigantonormous clamshell casing.
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    Re: McFarlane Toys Picks Up 'The Simpsons'!!

    Hell, the clamshell doesn't have to be open before the toy begins falling apart. I've seen McF stuff come DOA case fresh.

    This is a surprise though. I'm not sure what McFarlane will do that Playmates hasn't done. Playmates did a pretty good job with likeness so I'm not sure how McF can improve over that. Maybe more articulation, but McFarlane has stated in the past they emphasize sculpt over movement.

    I dunno... I only bought WOS figs from favorite episodes and the Halloween sets. I would rather see Futurama figures again though. Though MAC's Futurama figs weren't that much different than Playmates WOS ones.
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    Re: McFarlane Toys Picks Up 'The Simpsons'!!

    I think this is another bad move by McFarlane. The Simpsons is a dead line, theres not much public interest in them anymore. Maybe if McF waited a few years, but this confirms my belief that Todd McFarlane is the king of bad decisions. So continues the slow death of McFarlane Toys.
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    Re: McFarlane Toys Picks Up 'The Simpsons'!!

    I thought Playmates did about as good as you could ever get with these figs so I don't understand why McFarlane wants to pick up the line. The sculpting on these seems way below the other McFarlane figures unless he's going to give 'em ungodly awful paint applications.
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