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    Favorite Toys as a kid

    I know that we all grew up in differnt eras but mine was the late 70's thru mid 80's (I was born in 1973). Besides Star Wars what were the toys you played with or were your favorites?

    Mine were:
    -Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars
    -Big Tonka trucks (used to have a big sandbox that my dad built)
    -Good old-fashioned cowboys & indians, knights, space men, and army men (used to spend hours setting these up and then having huge wars)
    -Slot cars (Afx & Aurora mostly)
    -Guns (used to love running around the neighborhood playing guns)
    -Transformers & Gobots (only had a few because they were so expensive)
    -Assorted other action figure lines like Battlestar Galactica, Tron, Clash of the Titans, Flash Gordon, D&D, Dukes of Hazard, Movie Monsters, Sgt Rock, etc)
    -Fisher Price adventure people, etc.

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    Re: Favorite Toys as a kid

    I too am a child of '73 so a lot of what you listed Vader121 holds true for me as well.

    - Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars

    - Tonka Trucks: the real metal ones not these modern plastic ones they sell now.

    - Army men: I think I 500+ green army men as well as a fleet of vehicles. My pride and joy was a Guns of Navarone plastic mountain that had an elevator and gun implacements. Even now when my old neighbors till their garden they turn up green army men!!! 20+ years and there are still army men hidden among the dirt.

    -Legos: I started with the space series but then got hooked on the castle sets. I had all but 1 of the castles and would routinely spend one month each winter taking over the dining room table to set up the entire collection. (then spend a day destroying it by shooting it apart with rubberbands).

    -Slotcars: Between my brother and myself we had TONS of track. I think we had 4 or 5 sets that we combined together. Man those were a lot of fun.

    -Guns: Before everyone started freaking out about kids having realistic guns I had a couple of these real looking pistol and rifle cap guns. (remember the ones that took the plastic strip of caps?) We would spend an entire day running around the woods behind our house playing Army.

    - Transformers/Gobots: I started getting Gobots from a family friend a year or so before they hit the domestic shelves. She would find these import toys at some bizarre store on the east coast and send them my way. I was hooked right off the bat. Soon after Gobots hit the local toy shelves Transformers came around and blew Gobots away. I still have all my transforming robots still on display.

    - GI Joe/Star Wars: These were the big toy lines to have around the neighborhood. I never had a lot of stuff but enough to keep me busy for hours on end. One kid down the street had the 12" figures. I remember being in absolute awe of them as they were SO big. That exposure (and perhaps jealous reaction) led me to my large interest in the modern 12" line.

    Lincoln Logs: These were great for building stuff for other action figures. The current sets aren't quite the same as they include too many plastic filler pieces.

    Cardboard Boxes: It's true, sometimes the box stuff comes in is the best play toy. Anytime someone would get a new refigerator, oven or other large appliance we would use the box for about a week afterwards until our playing ended up destroying it.

    Beyond the toys the other items that a child of the 1970's couldn't be without was a Big Wheel and eventually a bike. Everyday was an adventure outside unless the weather was horrible. Even the toys spent most of their time outside. I shudder at the thought of raising a kid today with the computers and cable television.
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    Re: Favorite Toys as a kid

    One word:

    SHOGUN WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The big freakin' ones and the smaller die cast were super cool.

    Green army men to set up and my gun that shot suction cup 'arrows' to shoot them down.

    D and D in my early teens.

    Glass bottles! My friend Jim and I would go to the park where the kids drank and break them.... Throw them up in the air and watch them splat on the pavement, throw them at rocks, sometimes at each other a la Dodgeball. This would go on for hours weekend after weekend.
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    Re: Favorite Toys as a kid

    I had a hodge podge of stuff from Joes to Ghostbusters, surprisingly no Star Wars stuff. I was born in '84, so you can see the era I grew up in.

    Favorites? Jurassic Park was probably the last toy line I can remember wanting to get a lot. I still have all of that stuff, and I could not get enough of it. I was really into that line and I had many great memories of that talking command compound. That computer would go off about dinosaurs breaking down fences and would follow with telling me: Jurassic Park compound secure.

    I remember cardboard boxes. We used box parts from a pool table to construct a hobo home that would make the bum from In Living Color proud. I think LM remembers that creation of mine.

    Ninja Turtles was another big one. I can still remember receiving the original Turtles with the soft heads, then they gave them these hard plastic heads. I don't think I had a good idea what the toys were supposed to be of when I got them, but I gave those things many hours of play.

    The big line before that was Silverhawks and Thundercats. Anyone remember those? I had a good chunk of those lines, too.

    Best thing about these toys is that I still have them all. No one in my house throws anything out and never gives anything away, so I have no worries about coming home to find out someone cleaned house. Those were my favorites and I'm still glad to have all of it today.

    You know I forgot to add the Predator line of toys. I had a lot of those boys (missing a variant and the electronic one) and they went right along with Jurassic Park. I think I was collecting those two lines right around the same time in my life. No alien figures, though. I had the Mantis Alien so the Preds could tear it a new one, but I loved the Preds more.
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    Re: Favorite Toys as a kid

    I was born in '81 and the only toys that I can recall playing with as a kid were Legos. I had so many and still do. I've still got all of them put together, with instructions, and some still have the original boxes. I've been a pack-rat since the beginning.

    I also vaguely recall playing with my oldest brothers SW figs and once again I vaguely recall buying the POTF Klatuu Skiff Guard.
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    Re: Favorite Toys as a kid

    OK, I mostly played with SW toys, but some of the other stuff I had were Sho-gun Warriors, which were sweet as can be. I dabbled in G.I. Joe and Voltron after SW died down. I had Transformers as well. I even bought a couple of Go-Bots. I didnt collect Hot Wheels, but instread Fast Ones. Anyone remember those?

    BTW I too am a child of 73.
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    Re: Favorite Toys as a kid

    -Star Wars
    I probably saw Star Wars when it had a wider release to theaters in 1978. I've been collecting the toys since then.

    -Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars
    We used to build a city layout on the sidewalk with white rock from the driveway. Also had the portable city that folded up.

    -Lionel Trains
    One of my first toys was a Lionel Train set. I could sit and watch it go round for hours. My Dad later bought a large train board with an attached track layout at Goodwill. It had remote switches and everything.

    -Big Tonka trucks
    The sandpile was a lot of fun. I had a bunch of Tonka trucks too. We'd even run a hose over to the pile to make little rivers through the city when our parents weren't home. My sandpile days ended when my Dad mixed gravel with it to make the concrete for the garage.

    -Guns (used to love running around the neighborhood playing guns)
    We loved to play 'guns.' That's even what we called it back then too. "Wanna play guns?" "Yeah!"

    Got into GI Joe big time when Kenner stopped making Star Wars toys. I really loved the comic and cartoon, but mostly just collected Cobra action figures.

    I was never too enthusiastic about Transformers, but I did watch the cartoon and read the comic. Only have a few toys, last ones I got were from the 80's movie.

    Started out with Universal sets then migrated to Space. I also got quite a few Town and a couple Castle sets too.

    -Assorted other action figure lines like Battlestar Galactica, Tron, Crystar, DC Superheroes, and Fisher-Price 4" action figures which were very cool. I still have my red Tron light cycle and was really surprised to see them at retail again a few years ago!

    I had a Green Machine when I was little. Big green monster ride on toy that you could do 180s on if you got going fast enough. They re-released this thing last year!

    I still have almost all this stuff!
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    Re: Favorite Toys as a kid

    Besides Star Wars, I had the usual 80's kid staples:
    GI Joe
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    Re: Favorite Toys as a kid

    Quote Originally Posted by dr_evazan22
    One word:

    SHOGUN WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Actually that's 2 words.

    I forgot about Shogun Warriors. I never had one but a kid from school did and man were they awesome. Their size was daunting for a kid and the weapons were actually scary. I remember there being reports on the network news about them as groups were trying to get them pulled from the shelves because the weapons were so dangerous. The spring loaded fist would shoot across a room easily and would just as easily bruise your skin. Awesome stuff for a kid.
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    Re: Favorite Toys as a kid


    Quote Originally Posted by Exhaust Port
    My pride and joy was a Guns of Navarone plastic mountain that had an elevator and gun implacements.
    Classic play set. Vital in army men playing.

    In addition to the plastic variety I had a lot of the Britains scale army, cowboy and knights - the plastic ones, not the lead ones.

    Also BIG into legos.


    Gi Joe

    I will also second the "guns" comment by Ji'Dai. It seems like we were always playing guns, creating guns. This lead to quite a collection of Army/Navy surplus equipment. Always a good time.

    Then there was the WIDE variety of 3 3/4" fellas from all manner of movie and TV shows. A very eclectic collection if I remember correctly.

    Did anyone else have the white space ship - it might have been Galactica - it was pretty big, not quite to the 3 3/4" scale, the cockpit came off as an escape pod, had a cargo bay. Cant' place it's name, but it was a favorite.


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