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    Plans of Jabba's Palace

    I want to create a Jabba's Palace Diorama! I know Hasbro make one and they have been done before - but I want to make a 100%(scaled) accurate palace. What I need to do this is... an original plan of Jabba's palace. I have seen lots of photos and bit and pieces but never a whole plan - they must have produced one when the set was built originally - Does anyone know where I can find one please?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    spergabite, I don't recall anything other than a kit model made around about 1984 i think by a company here in the UK called AIRFIX. they possibly traded under a different name in the States.
    this was a large model of the entire throne room with great detail. I don't think it had the ceiling or ceiling arches but it definately gave the proportions of the dias in relation to the floor gratings and the band stand end of the room. It had the placing of the doorways down to the dungeons correct unlike hasbro's tacky card effort!
    If you can hunt down this kit model it should give you more help than a ground plan.

    Although, if anyone does have a copy of the plans from the original set at the studio I'd be very interested in obtaining a copy myself

    On a footnote, don't pay any attention to any plans in old roleplay game books - they are definately wrong wrong wrong!
    The same goes for the cantina.

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    I believe the Technical Journal: Tatooine has floor plans. But no real dimensions.

    If you go over to, look at amshak's palace dio, he has the plans there as well as a lot of good shots of his dio. His is the most accurate I've seen.
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    Hi I have a pic of the cantina and the palace each
    I think I git them from bothanspy buyt I don't know where he has it from - I would like to know
    so here they are

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    sorry I forgot to post the pic of the cantina so here it is
    it looks pretty authentic like in the movie


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