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    Another new ROTS line. (Force Battlers) Oh joy.

    What the hell are the Hasbro workers smoking? First Jedi Force, then Attacktix, and now these Force Battlers. Here's an idea: let the characters have accurately proportioned body parts for a change! I cannot wait until they turn all their focus back on the 3 3/4" line.
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    Re: Another new ROTS line. Oh joy.

    I think it was Rocketboy IIRC that posted about these abominations already being out, well at least on ebay where they're running in the low $40 range last I checked. Why they would make two lines that look almost identical ( this one and the Attacktix) is quite beyond me.
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    Re: Another new ROTS line. Oh joy.

    Meh. I've got too much invested in the 3-3/4" line to bother with another scale. I didn't buy the Mega figures either. Can't blame Hasbro for trying to milk the license for all it's worth though. Personally, I'm sticking with the old standbys.
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    Re: Another new ROTS line. Oh joy.

    I dont care either way. I dont get the Jedi FOrce nor these.
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    Re: Another new ROTS line. Oh joy.

    I think the thinking at hasbro is to make toys that are marketed to kids. With the JediForce, they are clearly a kid product (though we collectors get them as well). This goes for Attacktix and now Force Battlers. The 3 3/4 line has now become a traditional collectors line of toys. So by introducing differnt styled and sized figures, they may be looking for what appeals to the kids. Though they know many a collector will get all or some of these new lines, just because it's Star Wars. I've already decided to pass up the Attacktix, but will probably get the Force Battlers as the loook like a cross between Jedi Force and Animated figs. (Though I probably breakdown and buy the Attacktix stuff when I can't find anything else new and need my Star Wars fix.)

    I also wouldn't doubt that since Lucas has his hand in Hasbro with a good share of stock that he's impressed upon Hasbro to market new styled toys for kids.

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    Re: Another new ROTS line. Oh joy.

    The 3 3/4 line is good enough for me.
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    Re: Another new ROTS line. Oh joy.

    Force Battlers = peg warmers.

    I'm seriously confused now about Hasbro's toy marketing approach -- not just to kids, but to everyone. How many different lines are they going to start up before they realize that when they start up a new one, they diminish enthusiasm for others? I mean... there's only so much that I, as an adult collector am going to buy -- and there's only so much that I'm going to buy for my kid. Frankly, I don't think he'd care for these at all, given the fact that he's been playing with the basic figures for years. The 3-3/4" line is a fun idea, and has been for nearly 30 years, so what's with this skatter gun approach to grabbing the attention of new kid/adult customers with a million different lines?

    But really, I think the biggest problem is that these Force Battlers look kind of cheap and don't have all that much play value. They don't seem to have much articulation, they don't have any gimmicks or interchangeable parts or accessories. They just don't look like fun, and that Anakin figure looks too much like John Tesh... so it really creeps me out.

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    Re: Another new ROTS line. Oh joy.

    I saw these and immediately though, "Here's another round of 'stupid' from the folks at Hasbro." I honestly don't understand the point of flooding the market with all of these different lines. It's difficult enough for them to focus their efforts on one figure line, let alone - what, six (3.75", 12", Galactic Heroes, Jedi Force, Unleashed, Attacktix, Force Battlers)...? Seven? Seven lines of differently scaled and designed figures!!!

    I don't mind the Galactic Heroes... but I'll mainly stick to the 3.75" line, some of the "better" 12" figures and some of the Unleashed. I think most of their demographic will probably be doing the same.
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    Re: Another new ROTS line. Oh joy.

    I agree with JP on this one.

    I buy all of the 3.75 inch stuff, but I am much more selective about everything else. I own less than a dozen 12 inch figs and only a handful of Unleashed.

    I bought the some of the playskool/Galactic Heroes and Jedi Force stuff for my daughter.

    The last thing I need right now is another line to collect. The more stuff like this out there, the less space we wil have for the main hobby (carded 3.75 inch figures).
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    Re: Another new ROTS line. Oh joy.

    I'll approach these with caution. Right now I think I WILL buy them. I rather like them and look at them as Prequel versions of my JediForce stuff (which I'm still saving the receipt for and have about 75 days or so left in which to grow up and return them for my money back).

    My collection is centered around display.

    To that end, the focus is sort of like this:

    Galactic Heroes and Playskool JediForce - just stuff to keep in one place and freely mess around with since I don't touch stuff I display once they're set in dioramas I would use these new Force-Battlers this way -

    Unleashed - no duplicates of any character, augments certain "planet" displays with a "more mature statue-art addition" off to the side. -

    12" Collection Highlighting Important Characters in small scenes - very little duplicate figures, adds intimacy with characters in larger scenes

    3 3/4" Collection in Dioramas with vehicles

    but I'm only committed to collecting the Galactic Heroes line in its entirety. I still haven't bought the easily found speederbike or X-wing from JediForce. I think those (if purchases) will wait until after I see what's left in my Star Wars fund post-April 2nd.


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