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    What does Lando do to the carbon block?

    When Lando is kneeling down by Han after he's frozen, what do you think he's doing when he adjusts that little knob on the control panel? I'm sure this will get some funny responses, but hopefully some serious ones too.

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    Outside SSG, banging on the window furiously, yelling "LET ME IN!"
    Serious: He's checking to make sure Han "is alive and in perfect hibernation."

    Funny: He's thinking some Colt .45 would taste pretty good right about then...
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    I assume he is checking levels to see if all went well.
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    He's turning on the switch that will slowly and impercetably remove Han's cuffs.
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    he's playing a quick game of tetris.

    But seriously, adjusting the reception of the internal speaker system ready for the in-flight movie.

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    Billy Dee is notorious for forgetting his lines. Knowing that he might blow it at a critical point, he wisely left his "sides" on the floor where reference might seem natural.

    Either that or he just got tired and had to kneel down.

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    He's using a little known gambling trick of the trade.... stalling. Twiddling with the knobs and switches in order to think up a cunning and astounding plan of escape and rescue.

    Which obviously is above our be-cloaked Baron friend...... silly silly administrators. They have so little imagination..........

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    These responses are great, especially El Chuxter's.

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    He wanted to make Han's friends feel better about their frozen friend, so he stooped over and pretended to do something important before telling them what they needed to hear. Lando is such a compassionate character.

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    He was thinking about killing Lando for winning that card game and the Falcon!

    Lando always regreted it!
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