I've been thinking about bringing some comedy and fun to the event in the slap-stick sort of vein.

I'd like to know who would be interested in me putting together a forum?

For the event, I want to try and get a case of not-yet-widely-released Episode 3 Action Figures.

The first 24 would be out and most people would have them already. However, I have some friends at online vendors as well as major retail distributor warehouses. I might be able to buy a case or two for the event.

I'd spring for any of you attending to get a free action figure you don't already have - fresh from the case. The catch is, I will systematically crush each card and bubble before handing them to you. We're going to be opening them and sniffing them as a community, all at the same time, to get the full effect. These are not for someone's carded wall. You can display them after you've shoved them up your right nostril.

I will be inviting a representative of Hasbro to the event, so as to witness our satisfaction with actually having ease at finding new figures versus their later-year distribution problems they always seem to have.

The event will recreate a scenerio at Wal-Mart, just after 7am (regardless of the time I get a room for the forum at the Celebration). I'll be hanging up a large yellow happy face to help set the mood for the event.

I will then administer an eye test to the Hasbro representative. Backwards the letters on the eye chart will spell "I will ship more new figures." The Hasbro representative will be there to inform us that their company is not releasing figures that are too toxic for children to inhale.

I am also trying to secure 50 wrapped Mouse Droids directly from the company for the event. You will each receive an individually wrapped Mouse Droid with its scent preserved, upon admission to the event.

I will have a "Got Mouse?" shirt made for this occasion, but I can take orders if any are interested. The cut-off time for T-shirt orders will probably be in mid-March so the printer has time to get them done. I'm figuring a black T-shirt with white letters saying "Got Mouse?" on the back and maybe the SirStevesGuide.com logo on the front, provided Steve is not too embarrased to be hosting the Mouse Droid Sniffers' Association on his website.

We are afterall.....plain and simply wacko nuts!

But I'm really curious to see if I can get a crowd and a Hasbro representative to the event.

So I really do want to see who's going to C3 and who's interested in a Mouse Droid Sniffing forum. We'll add some homespun comedy to the whole event.

I have some experience with making people laugh.