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    Episode 3 Sneak Preview Wave

    I'm starting this thread with a quick review, I'll post more detailed thoughts tommorrow.

    Grevious- Great Scuplt, cape stays on, but IS removeable. Nice joints, 10 in all, weapons fit well in hands.

    Tion- Nice, nice job on the detail. Weapons(cane poker????) look really good.

    R4- head swivels to retract or lower middle leg. A feature that is brand new and doesn't stink, go figure. Good orange glow on the eye, nice to see the feet wires/cables.

    Wookie- similar to VOTC Chewie articulation-wise, helmet/anklets don't stay on too tight(go gorilla glue, hah!), really big(but not oversized) weapon.

    These 4 don't have the 53 figure checklist, just the same Sneak Peek one that was in the Cartoon wave.

    Happy hunting-this is a great start to the line. I'm army building already- 20 Wookies, and 8 R4s for various Saga scenes!(Yes, it's crazy, but that's Star Wars collecting for ya!)

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    Re: Episode 3 Sneak Preview Wave

    I got all four of these bad boys last night at Wal-Mart (new stuff at a WM, go figure). I paid $5.88 for each of them, a fair amount less than Target, K-Mart, or TRU.

    The new packaging looks great! It was smaller than I thought, though it's roughly the same size as the old cards. It has quite a bit of it cut out for Vader's head. For some odd reason, the bubble is glued on the front and continues on the back a little bit, but is taped there. It took a knife to get them open, I don't see why they can't just glue them all the way around. The bubbles were a considerable amount thinner than the Saga/OTC figures, though it still takes up a fair amount of package. The cardback is really neat, though it doesn't show Anakin fighting Obi-Wan as it will on the real ROTS figures. There's a Sneak Preview sticker on each package, which doesn't come off. There's two inserts, one with the picture of the character and one that has the movie and figure's name. It's cool because the pictures are cut out, similar to the Clone Wars Animated figures. Unlike the AOTC preview figures, these ones actually have a description paragraph on the back, as well as pictures of the other figures form this wave and Anakin's Jedi Starfighter. Each figure also comes with the same booklet that came with the animated series III figures.

    However, most people will open the packaging and it's the figures they want. So, here goes:

    General Grievous (Sneak Preview)
    The second Grievous to be released this year (in a series of at least four), this one is based on the realistic version as seen in ROTS. He's sculpted rather well, with intricate details and nice paint. He wears a cape, though it is removable, and his movement is hindered sometimes by it. He comes with a lightsaber and blaster, and he can hold them in either hand. The lightsaber is blue and in the same style as Shaak Ti or Adi Gallia, with an added belt peg. I don't know why it's there, as there's nowhere for him to hang it, nor does the blade come off - it might, but I'm not even going to try. It features the same flare effect we've been seeing since 2002, which I like. The gun is an all-new, all-black sculpt and it looks cool. Like all the other preview figures, he doesn't come with a base, even though Hasbro said that he would. Grievous has ball-joint articulation in his head, shoulders, and knees, in addition to regular articulation in his forearms, chest (instead of waist), and legs. This allows him to be put in all kinds of sweet, Jedi-killing poses. I give him an A-.

    Tion Medon (Sneak Preview)
    Not much is known about Tion Medon, other that he lives on Utapau, is played by Bruce Spence, and has wicked teeth. Thankfully, the figure recreates the bizarre teeth shown to Obi-Wan in the trailer, as well as ridges on his head. The sculpt is nice, it looks like the character, as it should. He wears red robes that go down to the ground and up around his head, giving him a creepy appearance. He comes with a cane and an enormous blaster, which he may or may not use in the movie, as it looks a little too big. his right hand is sculpted to hold the cane, and it works. He has ball-joint head and shoulder articulation, plus regular elbow and waist joints. He has feet, and I don't know if they move, but his robes don't open to show his legs. I'll give him a B+.

    Wookiee Warrior (Sneak Preview)
    This is the only figure in this wave without a true nome, and only the third Wookiee character to be immortalized in plastic. Rest assured, he won't be the last. This guy is HUGE. Not only is he very tall, but he's bulky and muscular as well. He makes Chewbacca look incredibly scrawny. He's growling, and I'd be growling if I had to defend my planet from invaders. His fur isn't dangling like VOTC Chewbacca, it's pretty tight on his body. Except for his beard-braids, of which he has several. He comes with a helmet, gun, and shin armor. The gun and helmet are very interesting-looking, it makes me want to see more of what Kashyyyk has to offer. He has ball-joint shoulders and knees, in addition to regular joints in his elbows, chest, wrists, and legs. With his chest articulation, he can stand back and look ready to see some action. He can be posed standing still, or shooting his gun, or running, or whatever you want. I give him an A.

    R4-G9 (Sneak Preview)
    This is the second astromech droid with an improper name, as it's an R2 unit. Maybe it's because he and R4-P17 are navigator droids? I don't know. Anyway, this droid is sculpted well, like the VOTC R2-D2. He has the foot-hoses, like ol' blue, which is great. His color scheme is really cool, and fans helped decide it a while ago. His eye lights up orange, and I still think it's dumb that they continue to do that, as it should be black. It looks cool, but it's inaccurate. Speaking of inaccuracies, the chrome-dome that messed with R2 is gone here. When you turn his head, his third leg goes in or out of his body. I didn't know until I read it online, as there's no note on the package. Thankfully it actually works, let's hope all the features this year work as well. Like the VOTC R2, he has wheels on all of his legs, which is cool. He has head, shoulder, and feet (all three) articulation. The coolest thing about this guy is the hologram of what I assume is Utapau, which plugs into his hologram projector. I wish they'd make an R2 like this, with holograms of Leia, Theed Palace, and whatever else I'm forgetting. I'll give this one an A.

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    Re: Episode 3 Sneak Preview Wave

    Ahh cool. I'm glad someone started a preview wave review thread. (I like having them all in one thread like this.)

    So far I've only found the "Wookie Warrior" (trying to get pics in the Database now) and I love it. It's got everything going for it that the VOTC Chewy had -- all the same detail, articulation and sturdiness that I loved -- but it's a cool army builder character.

    I love the fact that you can take the armor off (with a little gentle pulling) and then you've got a genuinely generic Wookie character.


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    Re: Episode 3 Sneak Preview Wave

    If you don't mind Darth Alex I'd like to add a little extra to it and ask how everyone likes the new packaging now that they have it in hand?

    Me personally I love it. I wasn't too very impressed with it in pictures but now that I have I really like it. It's not nearly as big as it looks in pictures and the bubble's are as flat as they can be with the figures inside of them. The only downfall IMO is that the lower half of the bubble is taped to the back of the card instead of being glued. These new cards are a big departure from the other cards released for the figures and, once again IMO, a welcome change.
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    Re: Episode 3 Sneak Preview Wave

    Since the dome can't be turned independently of the "leg action"... how far do you have to turn it for the leg to go in or out. Can the droid ever be posed looking straight ahead when the leg is extended? *sigh* Cool but not cool is what I'm getting from this feature.
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    Re: Episode 3 Sneak Preview Wave

    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartnr
    Since the dome can't be turned independently of the "leg action"... how far do you have to turn it for the leg to go in or out. Can the droid ever be posed looking straight ahead when the leg is extended? *sigh* Cool but not cool is what I'm getting from this feature.
    As I said recently in another thread, once his leg is all the way out or in, you can move his head freely, though it clicks. You can have his head in any position at any time, unless his leg is part-way out. You need to turn the head at least 360 degrees for it to come out, maybe more.

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    Re: Episode 3 Sneak Preview Wave

    Okay... that's fine, then.
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    Re: Episode 3 Sneak Preview Wave

    That must have been really bothering you JEDIpartnr.
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    Re: Episode 3 Sneak Preview Wave

    I would like for them to have made holes in Grievous' body for lightsaber hilts. I tossed his blaster aside and gave him a second saber while having him step on a fallen jedi with his bent knee action. Pretty cool preview figure. Highly recommend getting one to open.

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    Re: Episode 3 Sneak Preview Wave

    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker
    If you don't mind Darth Alex I'd like to add a little extra to it and ask how everyone likes the new packaging now that they have it in hand?
    You know, now that I see them in person I kind of like them, but I don't love them. You're right, they are smaller than I thought they'd be.

    The bubbles that I've seen were in really good shape, with no dents, etc. -- it's a good sturdy design. The whole thing is cool from a graphic standpoint, with a big photo of the character, a big red/yellow Star Wars logo and the fiery Vader background.

    My big complaint is, as it was before, that there's no way to put these in a protective case, and I can really see the pointy card parts getting bashed up over time. The J-hook could have been a little sturdier also.

    The use of masking tape, though understandable because of the way this is put together, might be a problem over time. Luckily it's all on the back, so if it ends up yellowing in a few years, it won't show as much.

    So, all in all, the packaging is kind of cool, but it's not perfect.


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