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Thread: After ROTS ???

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    After ROTS ???

    OK, I think it's too early for asking this question but what do you think it'll com after ROTS figures?

    I think we'll get many from all other movies and also EU figures. What do you think?

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    Re: After ROTS ???

    I think we will continue to get a majority of Episode 3 figures, with a couple of waves that consist of figures from the other five movies. I imagine we will get a new card backing to go along with the change the line will take. I dont think we will get any EU figures for a while, if at all. EU isnt exactly everybodys cup of tea and for those who do enjoy it there are a ton of figures that we would want to see produced. But given the popularity of the first EU figures that came out, i dont think Hasbro has ruled out making anymore, maybe now just isnt the best time to do so. Who knows, maybe when the line is one its last leg we could see them use EU as an attempt to regain interest in Star Wars 3 3/4 figures.
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    Re: After ROTS ???

    I would guess if they do a TV series like its been discussed that would be the next green light for figures.
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    Re: After ROTS ???

    I mentioned this in another thread but I see the ROTS line ending in Aug. I think Hasbro really wants to get all the important ROTS toys out of the way.

    So, what do I think will come. I imagine Saga 2 will come out in Sep. Probably with an OTC like card. I think from Sep-Dec we will continue to get 2 collections. With 1 collection containing ROTS toys and the other containing the other five movies. This way, ROTS toys will still be on the shelves for the DVD release and the Holidays.

    In 2006, I see the line going back to one colllection and the return to scene specific waves. Also, there is a possibilty of a seperate TV line.

    In 2007 I see the line going in the same direction. Chances are the Ultimate Version of the Saga will come out, so, EU will be out of the quesiton.

    In 2008 I think we might see a major focus on EU and unreleased toys.

    By 2010, unless something major happens, I see no toys being made.
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    Re: After ROTS ???

    We will most likely get all the background characters along with th release of some core characters. Around 2007, 30 years of SW, I think they will make a new line of figs to commemorate SW. Hopefully after that we will contimnue to get stuff, either EU or possibly the TV series. Maybe Porgie will make 7, 8, and 9 as he once promised
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    Re: After ROTS ???

    Come on....don't you people remember the fun Ewoks and Droids lines???
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    Re: After ROTS ???

    I would love some more EU figures:

    Crimson Empire
    Tales of the Jedi
    Shadows of the Empire

    Just to name my top 3.
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    Re: After ROTS ???

    I'm not big into EU with the exception of Shadows of the Empire. I felt that if they were gonna make them they should go all out instead of giving us just the 5 figs we got. There are so many more they could've made: Guru, Lando in Elite Stormie Disguise, the Ho'Din Gardener, and Leebo are the ones that come to mind right now. If it takes getting other EU figs to get these ones then I'm down for it.
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    Re: After ROTS ???

    It's never too early to speculate on SW's future! I've read numerous places that a Han Solo and a Luke figure will come out sometime during the RotS run (I even think I saw that the luke figure comes with an X-Wing. A repack of the Dagobah version?)

    After RotS expires around Aug/Sep/Oct, my guess is that Habsro will fall back into a pattern like they did with the Saga, a mix of PT and OT with the PT emphasis likely being on RotS. I would also suspect that the cards will have an OTC like feel, given that they were so successful. I can see that taking us through the rest of '05 and into '06. By then, the new SW TV show will be set to debut and I imagine that they will produce a line centered around it, while still running a scaled back version of a 'Saga' type of line. I just hope that we don't see happen what happened in 1984/85. I was only a kid then but I don't think I could handle it now.

    I don't read EU (Although I did read the Zahn trilogy a few years back.) I hope EU fans get some of the figures they want, but it always comes down to $$$. I bet if they do EU (Besides the TV show) It'll focus on KOTOR.
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    Re: After ROTS ???

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Katarn
    OK, I think it's too early for asking this question but what do you think it'll com after ROTS figures?
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