Trying to bring some life back into this forum, here is an update for Baton Rouge, LA on January 21, 2005:

Wal-Mart on College Drive: Just did inventory. Someone cleaned them out. Only about 4 figures left, all OTC.

Wal-Mart on Siegen: About 4-5 figures, Cantina wave of the '05 OTC collection.

TRU on Florida: Decent stock of Saga and OTC. Lots of TRU exclusives. They just did inventory and will not be restocking, though.

Kaybee in the Mall of LA: Very limited stock, but lots of markdowns. They do have the exclusive 12" Chewbaccas, but only like 3-4 of them and at $30 each, so get them fast if you want them.

Please post reports elsewhere if you have them!