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    Baton Rouge, LA Update - January 21, 2005

    Trying to bring some life back into this forum, here is an update for Baton Rouge, LA on January 21, 2005:

    Wal-Mart on College Drive: Just did inventory. Someone cleaned them out. Only about 4 figures left, all OTC.

    Wal-Mart on Siegen: About 4-5 figures, Cantina wave of the '05 OTC collection.

    TRU on Florida: Decent stock of Saga and OTC. Lots of TRU exclusives. They just did inventory and will not be restocking, though.

    Kaybee in the Mall of LA: Very limited stock, but lots of markdowns. They do have the exclusive 12" Chewbaccas, but only like 3-4 of them and at $30 each, so get them fast if you want them.

    Please post reports elsewhere if you have them!

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    Re: Baton Rouge, LA Update - January 21, 2005

    Just checked the Wal-Mart on O'Neil Lane today now, too:

    Sadly, the same situation. I think Wal-Mart is not very interested in Star Wars at this point. They had about a dozen figures total. No vehicles and only about 4 lightsabers and 1 Vader voice changer. No markdowns.

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    Re: Baton Rouge, LA Update - January 21, 2005

    Feb 25th, 2005:

    Target on Seigen Lane has Preview figures in! They have only a few of each, but TONS of the Wookie, and NONE of the R2 unit! The only other figures are 3 different Animated Series figures, sadly.

    By the way, if there are any other B.R. area collectors, let me know, I'd love to meet people around here to compare collections!

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    Re: Baton Rouge, LA Update - January 21, 2005

    Someone has CLEANED OUT the Preview figures at Target on Siegen - they are ALL GONE except for maybe a half dozen of the Wookie Warriors! I didn't realize we had so many collectors/fans here!
    The good news, though, is that Wal-Mart on O'Neal does have ALL of the Preview figures on the shelves, including Anakin's starfighter. Get them fast, though, b/c I have a feeling those will be cleaned out soon, too!

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    Glad the forums are back up now. Hey vemnox, hope things are going well! I know you've been busy lately. I hope you - and anyone else who can make it - will come to the next Baton Rouge Collectors meeting. It's scheduled for June 3rd (Saturday) at 2pm at the Goodwood Library so if anyone around the Baton Rouge area wants to come by - please do! As far as figures go here, we went to Target on Millerville yesterday and they had a pretty good number of the Vintage UGH figures - except for the Luke and Biker Scout, so if you need any of those, pick them up there.


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