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Thread: Snowed in?

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    Snowed in?

    Alright, who else is snowed in tonight? OK the whole country can put there hands down! I'm not actually snowed in, but It's just too dangerous to hit the roads tonight, probably end up stumbling down the street to one of many of my local pubs!

    I'd say this is crazy, but we've actually had a very mild winter up here in Syracuse NY, and this is our first real major storm! Usually by now, we'd have about 2-3ft on the ground and constant snow/melt/snow again cycles! There's about a foot that has fallen already with a foot or more on the way! Yeah!!! Thank God I just got done shoveling. errrr wait I guess I'll have to shovel tommorrow too...damn!

    How bad do you guys got it? CA fourm members can keep their comments to themselves!
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    Re: Snowed in?

    We were supposed ot get a bad ice storm here today but luckily that passed us. Here in Va, we should of had at least a foot or so already. Actually it is snowing hard right now.
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    Re: Snowed in?

    I'm on the other side of Virginia from KH and we're getting nothing at all except for alot of rain. It's about 40 so it's not cold enough. In Michigan where I'm from it's like -10 and snowing.
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    Re: Snowed in?

    Chiming in from Albany, NY here. I am currently at work which sucks, been here since 3pm til 12. More than likely I will stay at the hotel next door, the company puts us up in there so I'll just chill at the bar unless I can find a way to get to my friends apartment for her house party. But all in all work sucks when you're stuck here during a blizzard.
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    Re: Snowed in?

    In northern Ohio the heavy snow associated with the passing system ended early afternoon but we've been getting Lake Effect snow ever since without a break. Even out of the Snow Belt I've seen about 6"+ since then. I'd imagine that we'll hit the 1 foot mark tomorrow.

    It looks like the snow plow crews have their work cut out for them now. I'm not snowed in but I'll be limiting my time on the road due to the poor driving conditions. The poor suckers sitting in the Snow Belts in Michigan, Ohio and Western New York are going to be buried, not to mention the folks on the East Coast who are right in the heart of the blizzard. Best of luck to them.
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    Re: Snowed in?

    Nothing really bad in Columbus, Ohio. They tend to keep the inner city roads clear most of the time.

    Now back before Christmas there was a bad ice storm that knocked out power. Worst weather experience ever. I was ready to give up living and die, but many days later the power turned on and I found the will to continue with life. I'll take any weather, just don't knock off the electricity. I swear for a minute there I was going to go all "Jack Torrance" on myself.
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    Re: Snowed in?

    Here in west-central Indiana we have strong winds and driven snow, but no real accumulation. The danger is from near-white conditions from wind-driven snow. It was pretty calm this morning but by the time I was out on the road hunting for figures I had to slow down and stop at times because I couldn't see the road. I stayed in the rest of the afternoon and watched a movie. I was outside a little bit ago and when I came in I had snow in my coat pockets! It is still really windy out there.
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    Re: Snowed in?

    Here in Michigan we have probably 6 inches. It looks like more because of all the blowing snow.

    On TV they said you should stay in, because going out would be "risking your life."
    Oh puh-lease, it's not great out there but it isn't that bad out there.
    Every time we get any snow, they treat it like a natural disaster.

    I hate snow I really do.
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    Re: Snowed in?

    Well, it snowed for over 24 hours straight yesterday/today up here (I think I'm almost due west of the 'Xir)
    I shovelled 3 times yesterday and am just waiting for the sun to rise so I can shovel the foot or two of the frozen white crap that fell since maybe 10 last night.....
    I officially entered the "I am sick and tired of this" phase last week sometime....
    What makes it better is that we are getting our furnace replaced on thursday, and they need access to the backyard, and our house is on a 100 foot deep lot with a driveway that is nearly that long, which I have to keep clear so the service guy can get to the basement...
    See, we don't have a car, so normally I only clear 1-2 parking spots, but now that it's really snowing I have to shovel every damn square inch of pavement on our lot
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    Re: Snowed in?

    well, as the first winter i'm experiencing in north carolina after 26 years in new york, i can say without hesitation that snow makes north carolinians go insane. we had about a quater of an inch last wed. and you would've thought it was the "day after tomorrow" because everyone lost their minds. i saw someone drive around me on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE ROAD because we were all stopped, waiting for a pickup truck that was SIDEWAYS to get straightened out again.

    it's like all traffic laws were null and void as soon as it started sticking. i saw another person (in a TWO WHEEL DRIVE jeep ) make a left on red. FROM A DEAD STOP!!! it's not like they were skidding or anything. they were stopped, then they went left.

    and apparently everyone needs milk and bread when it snows in NC. maybe they think it's the best way to melt the ice?
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