Found all 4 Sneak Preview figures at my local TRU (Midland, TX) of all places this past Sunday(1-23) at noon when the store opened. A guy that i know who works there told me the day before to come back on Sunday when the store opened, for he saw there were new SW figures available. I picked up 2 of each new figure!

Last night (1-24) another friend of mine at a Wal-Mart in Odessa, TX called me up and told me to come down to check out the new SW Sneak Preview figures (sorry to say there were no Anakin Jedi Starfighters or Wookiee Water Blasters on the pallet). I felt bad, esp because he knew i had been searching for the 4 new ROTS figures, but i told him i already picked those 4 up at TRU on Sunday. I at least got him to empty out a display case for me and to take home! I also noticed that Wal-Mart boxes only had Hasbro marked on them for the 4 ROTS figures, and in a pinkish or purplish writting was marked, "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL FEB. 1" My friend knew those had to be the new SW figures, even when another employee asked him if he was sure of this. He was right. He had pulled out all 5 cases of new ROTS figures, each case had 20 figures inside. These are to be put on an end-cap by Feb. 1 at each Wal-Mart.
So good luck all you guys out there and happy hunting!