Hey everbody, I know it is a little early, but I was hoping that someone who is planning on going to Celebration III might be able to help a forum member out and pick me up one of the Darth Vader Exclusive figures. Unfortunelty I will not be able to attend because of a little thing called college and Celebration III is the weekend before finals. I would be more than willing to pay you before you leave to reduce the costs out of your pocket and of course I will pay for shipping. I know if you have the 4 day pass, you can get 4 figures. Please send me an e-mail at pfried3@uic.edu (I rarely check my pm's) if you think you can help out, I really do not want to have to pay the outrageous E-bay prices. Let me know!

I would also be interested in any exclusive/promo WOTC miniatures if some has the opportunity to get any, but they are a lower priority.

Thanks in advanced!