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    UK Toy Fair pic

    The news item stated that Master Replicas didn't have anything new on display, but this pic seems to show otherwise :

    The saber on the left is definitely the new Palpatine, right?? Which would make the one it the middle the Obi Wan from EPIII that ends up as the weathered version in ANH...and the one on the right would be Anakin's EPIII which ends up being given to Luke in ANH? I may be wrong on the last two, but the left one is definitely new!

    Edit : Looking again, the Obi Wan is definitely new, it has a covertec button.
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    Re: UK Toy Fair pic

    Yeah, that picture seems to state otherwise. I think its safe to say that that is Palpatine's Lightsaber, along with Obi-Wan's brand-spankin new saber and Anakin's.
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    Re: UK Toy Fair pic

    That picture was added a short while after the article went up and I forgot to change it....
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    Re: UK Toy Fair pic

    Thats alright Boss. The pics are few but GOOD! I saw all I need to see.
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    Re: UK Toy Fair pic

    Wow, that hilt on the left looks crazy.
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    Re: UK Toy Fair pic

    Could that possibly be a picture of Mace Windu's gold lightsaber handle? I thought he was supposed to have a gold handle but haven't seen any pictures of it.
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