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    Originally posted by darthvyn
    there's a comic book out that does this... the first series was if the death star handn't been destroyed, just badly damaged, and they captured all of the rebellion but han and luke. it's called Star Wars Infinities: A New Hope.

    this week they just started SWI: the Empire Strikes Back

    most likely they will start to delve into more of a "what if?" storyline if these first ones take off. so everyone buy them. now.
    The first Inifinities series (A New Hope) was quite good, I thought. The main storyline revolved around what would happen if the first Death Star wasn't destroyed. Luke's torpedoes went in the shaft, but detonated prematurely and didn't start the chain reaction. (This happened in the first two pages, so I didn't give anything away.) It was a very entertaining series and I highly recommend it.

    As Darthvyn stated, the first part of the Empire series just came out and it involves what would have happened if two Wampas attacked Luke on Hoth and what if Han took just a few minutes longer to find him... Looks like the start of another good story.
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    my only one little minor problem with this thing is that the four issue "infinities: a new hope" had a final conclusion, more like ROJ than ANH. the story STARTS with the death star trench run, so really the whole thing is ESB! i just kinda realized that.

    i was hoping that there would be an alternate trilogy, like we would get an alternate ANH, then the ESB of THAT universe, and so on. instead, I:ESB started off with the continuity of the "real" ANH, which is still cool, just different from what i had been expecting.

    the art in I:ESB is awesome! i just hope that it doesn't have a ROJ ending. ESB should always have the downer, open-ended ending!

    it would be interesting to see this done with the prequels, as well.
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