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    Alternate Story Lines

    I wonder what would have happened had Luke successfully been frozen in a carbon block. Would he somehow have escaped or recovered enough after unfreezing to still fight the Emperor and Vader, or would that have sealed his fate as an "agent of evil"?
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    I think he could have had been turned to the dark side easily.

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    What if the plan to get Obi Wan and the DS plans to Alderaan had gone off without a hitch? Would he have taken Luke with them? Would he have attempted to train Luke and Leia both once they got to Alderaan, or would he have sent them to Yoda regardless? If Luke had stayed behind, and they blew up the Death Star without him, would Vader ever know he had a son?

    What if Luke had had a different plan and thought he could convince Vader to turn by going with him to the Emperor? So instead of leaping, he went "OK." and Vader helped him up. What woud've happened to Han? and Leia? The Alliance?
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    What if R2 hand't let the wookie win? Then he wouldn't have his arms, and couldn't roll over to the computer terminal and never stopped the trash compactor, and everyone would've died.

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    there's a comic book out that does this... the first series was if the death star handn't been destroyed, just badly damaged, and they captured all of the rebellion but han and luke. it's called Star Wars Infinities: A New Hope.

    this week they just started SWI: the Empire Strikes Back

    most likely they will start to delve into more of a "what if?" storyline if these first ones take off. so everyone buy them. now.
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    or what if R2 had not convinced(gullable Luke) Luke to take off that restraining bolt? HMMMMMMMMM?????????? That is disturbing. Droids being more intelligent than organic lifeforms. T3: Rise of the machines
    They're led by R2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What if Ben Kenobi lived? Would it have been better to have him die in ESB or ROTJ or not at all? Can you imagine Kenobi on Hoth and Bespin?

    I read after Alec died that it was his idea to kill of Kenobi in the first movie. Is this true? Has GL ever mentioned that?
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    What if Luke had known Leia was his sister before she kissed him, eh? Would he still have had that sly grin on his face afterwards?
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    Originally posted by DarthBatman
    What if Luke had known Leia was his sister before she kissed him, eh? Would he still have had that sly grin on his face afterwards?

    The real question is, "if leia somehow 'always knew' he was her brother, why did SHE kiss HIM???!!!"

    but going with the "alternate" thing, what if Han had given up after their kiss?

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    Trench Run Alternate Take:
    "Use the force Luke... Let go.."
    *Luke drops his candy bar which hits the self-destruct button*
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