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    Another KB Exclusive Chewie

    As if the OTC one wasn't a big enough mistake they're releasing a ROTS one. KB Exclusive
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    Re: Another KB Exclusive Chewie

    Oh joy, I cant wait to miss this one.
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    Re: Another KB Exclusive Chewie

    Will anyone even think about buying this until it is marked down on clearance??
    Kb is way overpriced
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    Re: Another KB Exclusive Chewie

    What's the deal with Chewie? First, he doesn't get a medal, then he gets killed off in the expanded universe, now he can't even have a mass-retail 12' figure? Just a KB exclusive? What gives?
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    Re: Another KB Exclusive Chewie

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    Oh joy, I cant wait to miss this one.
    The way the last one was distributed I don't think you'll have a problem missing this one even if you wanted it.
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    Re: Another KB Exclusive Chewie

    *yawn* B-O-R-I-N-G!

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    Re: Another KB Exclusive Chewie

    As with a lot of the recent 12" figures, the figure would be great if it only looked like the (obviously Photoshopped) image on the back. Who wouldn't want that Chewie?

    Remember when the first (in retrospect, obviously Photoshopped as well) images of the VOTC 12" Luke came out and we all though it looked like the best figure ever? And now there are tons of that pig terd on clearance for as low as $10 because no one wants the stupid thing to corrupt their collection.
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    Re: Another KB Exclusive Chewie

    As I used to be aa perfectionist, or whatever you guyds call it,(getting everything, varients, exclusives ect), And i grew a deep deep hatred to exclusives, so no i hate exclusives, i will not get this...BAH HUMBUG

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    Re: Another KB Exclusive Chewie

    Another excuse to avoid going to the Mall. Thanks Hasbro!

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    Re: Another KB Exclusive Chewie

    KB Toys doesnt exist in my area anymore. I dont see why they dont release Chewy to the general public! I might be tempted to get one IF they did so. And I dont know why they would team an Exclusive with KB anyways -they're in financial ruin right now.
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