I was in Target two nights ago... I was there for specific shopping only, but my friend and I decided to go to the toy aisle and check stuff out. I have a 7mth old daughter and she is preggers with her first, so we were looking at those kinds of toys. But like the collector I am, I did go down every aisle... was actually looking for Eeyore things for her, as that is her passion and we did find loads for her However, we got to the last aisle in the toy department which was summer toys... low and behold if I did not spot a Darth Vader sprinkler!!! He has a cloth cape, an idiotic looking saber and turns 'round when hooked to a hose. He was $9.99, I could not pass it up!! Now, if only summer would get here and all this snow disappears so I can play with it!!! LOL Of course my husband thought I should not take Darth out and play with him, trying to get me to believe that it would be worth loads down the road... I did tell him I could always go back and buy another if he really wanted me to!!! LOL

Thank goodeness my mate puts up with my SW toy collecting!!

Tho, I do suppose most o ye hardcore collectors prolly think this item is idiotic, but I thought I would share mine story with ye anyhoo and give insight as to what makes me tick, being new here and whatnot. The simplest things give me pleasure!!