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Thread: POTJ Variations

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    Cool POTJ Variations

    Hello everyone!

    I am an avid variation collector and I wish to know.....has anybody had a hard time keeping up with the variations on the POTJ market? I know that EP1 and POTF2 were different in terms of the types of variations that were released and found. There are more version differences with .0100 and .0200, etc. rather than the old Green Card type variations with Warning Stickers, Holos, Collection #'s, etc.

    I was wondering if anybody had been able to find these ones:

    POTJ Leia General .0400 (open)
    POTJ Darth Vader Degobah .0400
    POTJ Gungan Warrior .0300
    POTJ K-3PO .0300
    POTJ Obi-Wan Cold .0400 (Slump)

    They have just seemed elude me completely. Thanks!


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    I'm not a big variation collector. I pick-up a few foreign carded figs every now and then, but only of my favorite figs. Stormtroopers, Vader, TIE Pilots, etc.

    I do have a Gungan warrior on a .0300 card.

    One of my favorite error/variations is a FF Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise with white (unpainted) mouth piece.

    I also lucked out and got 2 open claw IG-88's.
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    nice to see there is another one similar to me. The only other I know is Todd Carlton, maybe you know of him. However he is beyond the realm of variation collector. One of the all time greats....


    Is that Gungan Warrior .0300 for sale or trade? It would be great to get a hold of one. It's been a toughie. Did you hear about the new .0400 card's released on Sebulba and Fode & Beed. Are you the type that buy's the issue changes on the same figures??


    "Street Music" (Directed by JD Marlow) is a documentary short about performance in public spaces, focusing on NYC street and subway musicians. Check out my web site for more information about the film!

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    Todd's new book are indeed correct that Todd is a great collector and he's soon to be published too! Anyone interested can pre-order his book from
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    Hey there JD, I happened to pick up a POTJ General Leia.04 at Toys R Us, so they are out there. I happened to be one of those variation/error collectors that buys releases of the same figure. Call me cazy, but I love it! I completed my LPC collection of 9 and picked up a set of five one logo green cards from europe. The cool thing about them is they look like they are US cards,( with no tri- Logo Crap), but they have different photos unlike the LPC's or US. The five consits of Bib Fortuna, 4-LOM, Gamorrean Guard, Momaw Nadon and (Jawa the rarest). I'm starting the collect THX cards. Has any one seen The Ben, Vader and Han on GREEN THX cards, I think that they are the only one produced on GREEN cards. Good luck hunting!!!
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    I have a POTJ Sandtrooper with an unpainted shoulder pad, anyone else have one? or is this just an error ?

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    I live in europe and I even have a couple of camorrean guards and a bib fortuna on a european card but I like the US-cards much more and I think I have a stormtrooper from 95' on a green card with holo sticker - but I unpacked all so it's no use to u anyway but I still have the cards if you want some scans

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    well sorry I forgot to tell but almost every figure I have of the POTF2 line came on a european card (and I have a couple of french and german E1 and POTJ figs)
    I even had han solo, chewie, leia, and yoda on red cards
    well I still have all the cards but not with the figure and bubble on it
    oh yeah the stormtrooper is no holo - just a plain picture but I noticed that he is one of the less figs i have who is on a US-card

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    I am a huge 3 3/4 figure variation / error collector also.

    I collect

    1. all card variations / changes ie .00, .01, 0100, 0300, etc.
    2. figure variations.
    3. card errors
    4. figure errors
    Most recent finds for this week and last week:


    0400 general leia.
    0400 sebulba
    0400 darth vader degabah.
    0400 fode and beed
    Most recent finds for this week and last week:


    darth vader emperors wrath: short saber. saber is about 1/4 of a inch short, seems to be easy to find. I have come across 5 of them so far in 2 weeks.

    darth vader emperors wrath: saber is missing all of the black paint, it is just a all gray handle.

    potj luke xwing: Missing white deco on left arm. , seems to be easy to find. ( as of now have extra)

    potj luke xwing: Missing silver deco on left arm.

    potj Shimi: data pad( I guess thats what it is) keys are missing all black paint.

    potj sandtrooper: has two left upper arms ( just like the ep1 darth maul).


    As for your question jdmarlow out of the figures you asked about here is what I know to exist and I actually have.

    POTJ Leia General .0400 (open)
    POTJ Darth Vader Degobah .0400
    POTJ K-3PO .0300
    POTJ Obi-Wan Cold .0400 (Slump) (as of now have extras)

    I have not seen a POTJ Gungan Warrior .0300 at :

    1. the stores
    2. ebay
    3. toy shows
    4. fellow collectors
    I have a huge list of all the figures I have from 95 - 2002 that includes all 3 3/4 figures (regular / variations / errors) that I own. I could post it if your interested. Actually I might start a website since I have a server at home. I am in the process of taking pictures of all the stuff I have.

    anyone do any trading?

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    I have a legitimate question.....

    Why do some collectors feel the need to have multiple figures that just have card varriations, different NUMBERS on the cardbacks?

    I can understand figure varriations and errors on both cards and figures but why card varriations? The figures are the same so what's the draw to having the different cards?

    I, myself like to hunt for figure varriations and errors but the cards never intrested me.

    My fav. finds are Qui-Gon farmer with micro saber and the ever popular R2-Q5 spelling error.

    Not trying to start anything, just wondering..........

    BTW.... ever notice that on EW Vader the blue and red buttons on his chest plate are painted wrong. Red above Blue insted of the other way around. Look at any picture and it's Blue over red.(Picture on force file as well) The only other Vader I've noticed with the SWITCHED colors, is the 12" Sith Lords 2 pack version.
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