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My initial prediction was 24, but now I think Hasbro will release a case each month until relase. Right now, I think the stores have the first 24. This Feb. They will likely get 8 more = 32. And, in March they will likely get another 8, making for a total of 40 figures on release date. I think, Hasbro's goal may be to get every ROTS toy out by the time the movie hits and not release any ROTS product after the movie.
If that's the case, then a big hearty congratulations to Hasbro! They actually managed to find yet another way to oversaturate the market during a movie year. In addition to poorly packed case ratios (which I'm sure they'll do), they'll release so much product at once that the majority of consumers can't buy all of it at once. 24 is enough for one night. Maybe 30 but no more than that.

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The idea of filling up shopping carts right away, going to a secluded are to rifle through the figures, and leaving what you don't want in that area may work well to get what you want, but isn't very nice to other collectors.

I say if you do that, then atleast take the time to bring the cart-fulls back to the StarWars toy area. That way it works out for everyone.
I totally agree. It does make sense because I know those aisles can get very crowded because they're so narrow, but it hurts fellow collectors. While someone is off sorting through their loot, there is less merchandise on the pegs. If one person does it, big deal. If three or four people do it at once, then a significant chunk of inventory has been whisked away from other potential buyers.

Think of it this way. Every figure left in that cart when you're done is a figure that would've been bought by another person if it had been left on the shelf, and that person will be leaving a little more empty-handed that night. Put yourself in that position. I'm sorry if I'm coming off a bit preachy or harsh, but I really don't believe in "every man/woman for themselves" during Midnight Madness. That's the one time we as collectors should coordinate and help each other out because the scalpers will turn it into enough of a feeding frenzy without our help.

Besides, the cart approach might not be needed. All the stores I saw in April 2002 tried their best to keep each peg filled with the same figure (peg of Anakin Peasant, peg of SBD, peg of Padme Arena, etc.) Hopefully, they'll do the same again, and we can just skim off the top of each peg.