I love the .45 scale series of lightsaber replicas - the detail, quality, and price are right on. I would, however, love to see this line carried over to some similarly scaled Blaster and other type weapons replicas. Anyone else out there down with this idea?
I'd love to have .45 scale replicas of Han Solo's blaster, a Stormtrooper rifle, a Battle Droid Rifle, Clone Trooper rifle, Gaffi Stick, Chewbacca's bowcaster, Rebel Fleet Trooper's blaster, and even an Episode 3 Wookie blaster among others. I think this line is an excellent idea and a logical extension of the existing line, and it would give those of us who can't afford the full-size replicas or who lack the space a shot at owning high quality, metal weapons replicas - as well as giving us all a shot at replicas of some of the more obscure replicas that might never see production at full-scale. Anyone with me? Does MR accept product suggestions at all?