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    Republic Commando maquette

    I don't know if anyone else got a chance to order this, but mine came in today. I love it.
    click here for my review & some pics
    The website

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    Re: Republic Commando maquette

    That thing looks sweet. I wish I grabbed one but I never knew it was coming out. Man I'm out of the loop

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    Re: Republic Commando maquette

    Pretty sweet. I remember when those were up for order, but I don't remember how much they were. I just remember it was a LOT. I might have tried to get one if it was in color instead of bronze.

    How big is that thing gsr-jedi? It looks like it would be in scale with the Unleashed or something.

    IIRC, GG only designed the sculpt for this one. Some other company produced it for Lucas Arts. You won't find GG's logo anywhere on this statue.

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    Re: Republic Commando maquette

    Great pictures gsr-jedi! It went up for order at some months ago. I'm not really into EU, so I passed on it.
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    Re: Republic Commando maquette

    it's only about 8 inches tall, and it's as tall as my Padme maquette, it doesn't seem that small unless it's next to something else.

    I think GG did produce it, because someone at Rebelscum said they asked GG about it at SDCC & they responded that it would be arriving the next week.
    The website

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    Re: Republic Commando maquette

    It would be pretty killer if GG made a group of Clones like this. Painted though.
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    Re: Republic Commando maquette

    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars
    It would be pretty killer if GG made a group of Clones like this. Painted though.
    I agree, although the squad does look amazing, I would have really loved this piece painted.

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    Re: Republic Commando maquette

    that is a great review and the pictures are just great! I remember almost going for this piece as I am a hugh fan of the game but the bronze color just killed it for me. The price seems reasonable for a piece of this caliber, this as I'm getting ready to pplunk down $400+ for a single mini bust

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    Re: Republic Commando maquette

    It is a nice looking sculpt but I'm not a fan of bronzed or chrome versions of characters so I passed.
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