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    Medicom Luke Jedi

    I was wondering if anyone has gotten this 12" figure, yet. I wasn't that impressed with the prototype images, but after seeing the final product, I am thinking this may look good with my marmits.
    What doesn't make sense, though, is how medicom was able to make this 12" figure after hasbro pulled the plug on marmit.
    Also, I am wondering if this is a one time only thing, or will we see a series of these???

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    Re: Medicom Luke Jedi

    Wow, first 12"er since the Marmits that made me want to really pick up...this one looks good - not $200 good, but good.
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    Re: Medicom Luke Jedi

    The figure looks awesome, but the price is like. . . WHOA!!!

    As much as I'd like it in my collection, I don't see it happening. . .
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    The figure is awesome. I got mine today. It is worth the money. It has to be the best 12-inch figure. It comes with several accessories such as different hands. The sculpt is better than the prototype version. If you can afford it, then I would recommend it. The packaging is superb!

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    Re: Medicom Luke Jedi

    I dont think any figure is worth paying 200 bucks for, good sculpt or not, good accessories or not. Nice figure, but not for the price.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Re: Medicom Luke Jedi

    I think I'll be picking one up. I sold off most of my 12"ers, but the FAO Schwarz Jedi Luke is one I kept. This is much nicer and more poseable than even that one.


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    Re: Medicom Luke Jedi

    Finally got mine today! This figure is sooo much better than the pictures show. I just don't know which accessories and pose to leave him in. He will definitely go with the vader along with my marmits.
    Two negatives with the figure: Fragile (like the marmits) the clip broke off his saber when I was positioning it into his hands, so that is supergluing back together now.
    Secondly, he is way too pale. I was thinking about mixing about a darker flesh tone to try to correct this. Anyone know if acryllic would be the best medium?

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    Re: Medicom Luke Jedi

    I think I may have to get a couple more of these simply because I don't know which pose and with which accessories to let him stay in. What a great figure!

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    Re: Medicom Luke Jedi

    I just got mine from today. It really is a great figure. The quality is superb, and he holds his poses well.

    Unfortunately though, mine has a little chip of paint missing from his left eye, leaving him looking cross-eyed

    Hopefully they'll exchange it for me. Otherwise, it's getting returned.

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    Re: Medicom Luke Jedi

    It looks great but I can't justify the pricepoint. Maybe if they come down a bit I'll end up grabbing or else I'll just be awaiting the Sideshow release...


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