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    Would like to confirm reliability of....., a UK based site. They have virtually everything I want and it seems too good to be true. Has anyone ordered from them before, any problems?

    I'd like to buy a large quantity at once but this obviously wouldn't be a good idea if theres a chance I'll be ripped off...

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    Re: Would like to confirm reliability of.....

    I have gotten a few things from them with no problems. If you order, please be sure to tell them sent you.
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    Re: Would like to confirm reliability of.....

    Quote Originally Posted by SirSteve
    If you order, please be sure to tell them sent you.
    Somebody's big pimpin.

    I've heard them reccomended quite a bit, they have a good reputation going so far.
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    Re: Would like to confirm reliability of.....

    I bought the Death Star Trash Compactor sets from them and recieved great service!
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    Re: Would like to confirm reliability of.....

    Then...*adopting Vader voice*... Leave them to me, I will deal with them myself.

    Actually I think I may have asked before on this site about online stores and someone mentioned R2dtoys. They've been in my favourites list for quite some time and I just didn't check them out till recently. They've got some POTF2 stuff I never found at retail, some Saga and quite a lot of OTC. Sure enough if theres a 'how did you hear about us?' question at any point I'll cite SirSteve's.

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    Re: Would like to confirm reliability of.....

    I get e-mails from them, but have yet to place an order. If I do though, I will be sure to pass on the word that I heard about it here at SSG!
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    Re: Would like to confirm reliability of.....

    I placed a large order with them. Expensive but if it all works out I'll consider it worth it. 21 figures hopefully coming my way.

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    Re: Would like to confirm reliability of.....

    Today I received from them : Aunt Beru, Zuckuss, 2 Scanning troopers, 4 Biker scouts, 5 VOTC stormies (taking my number up to 6), OTC Vader (ANH), OTC R2 (ANH), Myo, Dannik, Feltipern and Cantina scene 1. Exactly what I ordered and all in good enough condition for me (didn't check thoroughly TBH as I'm an opener). I officially recommend R2dtoys.

    Having more than one decent stormtrooper is a huge novelty for me since I haven't seen any at retail since 1999 and have been forced to use those hideous POTF2 ones for years. Now they've been duly relegated to 'pile of old and/or crap undiorama-worthy figures'

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    Re: Would like to confirm reliability of.....

    Cool, that sounds like a nice haul you had from them. I would love for 21 figures that i want to come at my door. So did you recommend SSG and do you plan on using the site more often now?
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    Re: Would like to confirm reliability of.....

    Yeah there was a comments/special instructions box when I was placing the order and I typed in that their site was recommended by SSG. After placing the order I got an automated confirmation response, was expecting they'd send a 'your order has shipped' email because that seems to be the practice on other sites but it seems they don't do that. Nevertheless as long as the stuff arrives and in good condition that doesn't matter, which mine did. I ordered on a thursday I think and the stuff came on Tuesday (England to Ireland).

    I will be using the site again for definite. Theres still a lot I'd like to get, recent and old.

    Oh and 21 figures was the biggest single haul I've ever made. It was great to get 6 figures for my cantina at once (though evazan is a bit crap and the carded wuher is probably better), and I previously missed all other releases of the new scout trooper. Beru and Zuckuss helped fill in annoying gaps in my ANH and ESB collections, I'm quite happy with the OTC ANH vader, its a sculpt I didn't have and the card is very attractive as is that of the OTC R2-D2. The scanning troopers look good at the loading ramp of my OTC Falcon and as I said in my other post its great to have some decent stormtroopers at last.


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