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    Suggestion for stores for Midnight Madness

    I doubt anyone is gonna listen, but after seeing what happened at the last two with certain figures, here's what I think should happen to give everyone a fair chance, and dissuage scalpers/hoarders/army builders just for one night:

    Impose a limit of only 1 or 2 of each figure per person that night (preferably one, so that someone can't bring 5 friends just to clear out a peg of 12 figures for him/herself). This way, whether your first or fiftieth on line, you'll have a chance to at least get one of each. Then, anyone wanting multiples would have to go back the next day, and get whatever they want. I'm sure there are many who will say that they should be allowed to get as many as they want, but perhaps if there is a limit enforced for just this one night, you'll see less fighting and more collectors actually helping each other. And while it won't stop scalpers, maybe it'll at least deter a few of the ones who were planning on going alone.
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    Re: Suggestion for stores for Midnight Madness

    Presuming the store opens ONLY so that Star Wars nerds can get their toys as early as possible, they should set up the store this way:

    1) dorks enter door one at a time and are herded through a controlled narrow aisle.

    2) along the way, they pass by large bins where the toys are placed.. no pegs

    3) each bin has just one kind of toy...meaning the bins aren't mixed.

    4) each kid gets to take ONE of each thing as they pass through the line.

    5) once the items are purchased, the kid can go back to the end of the line and do it all over again. He can do this all night long in order to get as many of each thing he wants, but just one of each item each time through the line.

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    Re: Suggestion for stores for Midnight Madness

    The TRU I went to last time kinda did what you are suggesting. They were aware that they had a limited supply of the Collection 3 Wave with Dooku Yoda, and Anakin, so when you walked in you were able to choose one of those three. You weren't garaunteed all, but at least you were able to get one. . . and more importantly there wasn't anyone walking around with 12 Dookus. I was able to pick up the others the next day. . . so I wasn't too bummed.

    I doubt many retailers really care though. They are just looking for the sales, and they'll let anyone buy whatever they want.
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    Re: Suggestion for stores for Midnight Madness

    It's refreshing to hear that someone is as annoyed with the scaplers and hoarders as I am.
    I think that both of you have a good idea. In response to:
    "2) along the way, they pass by large bins where the toys are placed.. no pegs
    3) each bin has just one kind of toy...meaning the bins aren't mixed."

    You're on to something here. I believe that the only problem with that scenario is that you will come across many damaged packages if they are in a bin rather than on a peg. The packaging, to begin with, is easily bendable and dentable. Also, there are going to be a total of 56 figures in the ROTS line. I don't know how many figures they're going to release the first night, but collection one has 30, and collection two has 26 figures. The bins would take up a huge amount of floor space. I agree that something needs to be done in order to give everyone a fair chance to purchase the figures, and in order to limit the possibility of those annoying scalpers and hoarders to clean out the stores so the only chance we have to get a friggin' figure is to purchase it for $20 off of the internet. The stores could be covered if they print an add announcing the sale, stating that purchases are limited to one of each figure per person, per visit (or something like that). I know that Toys_r_Us always asks for a telephone number. I really don't know why they do that, but it seems to me that they have a pretty decent way of tracking individuals and their purchases. Stores like Wal Mart (who has a data base that only has NASA as a rival), Target, and Toys-R-Us also have a data base that tracks and categorizes purchases of individuals. They have these capabilities, but I'm not sure if they use them due to privacy laws and such.
    This will always be a problem with retail stores. You had the same problem back when the "Cabbage Patch Kids" first came out, and you'll have the same problem when Star Wars toys start to have A.I.

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    Re: Suggestion for stores for Midnight Madness

    I like the idea of herding everyone through a single aisle even better. It'll cut down on the massive rush and the pushing, and will certainly speed up the process. However, this should only be done for the figures (including deluxe and 12") - there's rarely a problem with the vehicles, unless only one case comes in (see TIE Bomber). If people wanna complain about missing out on the "experience," well, they can still stand around and talk with fellow collectors in another aisle. And yes, I'll concede this - if people want to buy more than one, as long as they go to the end of the line and wait again, then I have no problem with it. It still gives everyone else a chance to get at least one. Then on April 3rd, let 'em buy however many they want. Considering you only have people buying Star Wars figures that night, just stick a manager and/or security person by the registers, and enforcing the one-of-each rule shouldn't be a problem.

    As for the pegs being damaged, while there are collectors who care about that, let's face it - scalpers care more because damaged product isn't worth as much. And I agree, the packaging stinks. Unlike the last two, it won't be eaasy to carry 10 figures at once by simply stacking them inverted against each other. Shopping carts will be neccessary to carry the figures, as there's no way anyone could hold more than 2-3 in one hand while searching with the other.

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    Re: Suggestion for stores for Midnight Madness

    bobafett touched on the most important aspect of this whole argument: sales. As much as we'd like to be able to get every figure and have everyone limited to one of each, these stores don't care who gets what as long as SOMEONE is buying it. Wheather or not 10 people get one figure or one person gets 10 figures doesn't matter to Gigantic Retail Store, Inc. Co. Either way they meet their bottom line.

    All that aside, my suggestion would be to have a few figures on a ton of pegs as opposed to a ton of figures on a few pegs. For you MIP people it's a nitemare having them all crowded and packed on their like that. For us loose folk, it's just a matter of convenience. I don't need to fight to get my toys. And from my EI and EII experience, some Star Wars fans don't smell very good. The further away from me they are, the better.
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    Re: Suggestion for stores for Midnight Madness

    I can tell you this won't happen. My Wal*Mart tried to enforce a 2 per figure limit as well as a line. The line broke down to chaos inside of 1 minute. I'm just thankful I was first in line. I just got the 12 inch, beasts, TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder I wanted then the flood of people began. I got all the figures I wanted except Dooku that night. As to the limit, I did bring my fiancee along to pick up some extras just incase a limit would be imposed and I'm glad I did. As for the telephone number thing, geesh are you kidding? I have 5 numbers I could give and ALL are valid. Between my fiancee and my cell phones, home phone and both work phone numbers. Besides what do they do with those (like me) who say it's unlisted? They can't make you give your number, so they can't track you that way.

    I agree in principle that it would be nice to have limits to discourage scalpers and the like, but stores are too concerned about profit/loss and sales. They've been burned two times before (mostly because of their own fault for overordering) and would just be looking to sell as much as they can as soon as they can. I venture to say that the lion's share of stock that they have on 4/2 will be sold. Then quite a bit in the next few days. But there will still be plenty for everyone, with those rare exceptions like the Clone trooper. Be honest with yourselves though, do you think stores were they to limit figures only limit it to what we percieve as hot items? No way. That's not cost efficient for them as they would have to have security at every register who was trained in spotting certain figures. Ain't gonna happen. I could see the blanket limit being imposed, but scalpers will just go back in line again and again. Will they get as much, probably not, but nethier will the true fans. And the true fan would have to suffer going back again and again as well to get more than the limit.

    Fact is the suggestions make sense to us, but are not practcal for stores.

    I'm for just digging in and getting what you want. You'll be able to find everything you want within a few weeks anyway, for the most part.

    Myself, I'm an opener but have decided for this movie to go 1carded/1 lloose and army build certain other figs. But of the rumored first 24 to be released on 4/2 I'm only going for 7 of them. The rest I'm banking on clearancing in 6 months or so after release. As for the Army builders, I'll get what I can, but know from experience, that over time, I'll be able to get however many I want.

    I think that's really the key in all this. Patience. Someone saying there should be a limit so they can get what they want is just a greedy as someone who hoardes multiples. It's just the numbers are different. Really in the last 10 years of modern collecting there's only been a handfull or less of figures that have truly been that hard to find.That doesn't neccessitate a need for limits or lines. Would I like to see it happen, yes, but I'm okay if it's a free for all as well.

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    Re: Suggestion for stores for Midnight Madness

    I think I have a good solution. I doubt a store would use it, but I think it would work.

    People could get in line...or maybe a couple lines. When you get into the line, you grab a checklist sheet (like the one hosted for the 56 figures, except they could include 12" on there as well). While you wait in line, you check the list of the figures you want, and when you get to the counter, you hand the checklist to them and they get those figures for you (only 1 of each). Then let them go to the register or to the StarWars section to get more toys. All other toys (vehicles, games, etc) would be sitting on the shelves in the StarWars section.

    I think this could work out very well. Sure, you'll eventually run out of certain figures (because of how Hasbro packs the cases), but this way it gives people a better chance at getting what they want instead of having to push their way to the isles and such.

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    Re: Suggestion for stores for Midnight Madness

    all great suggestions..


    why not just bring a taser?

    "sir. you have 4 of those.. the last four. might I have one? "

    "dude get your own"


    "I have 3 extra if anyone wants them.. "

    I think having a taser would cut down on those trying to hoard..
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    Re: Suggestion for stores for Midnight Madness

    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal
    Someone saying there should be a limit so they can get what they want is just a greedy as someone who hoardes multiples. It's just the numbers are different.
    How is that being greedy? Those of us who only want one plan on leaving plenty of figures for everyone else. Those who are more interested in getting a dozen clones for army builders, or every Palpy (for example) they can grab to call it rare and sell it later (like that idiot scalper I caught grabbing all the Yodas at TRU a couple years ago) - now that is being greedy.


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