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    Dream Theater fans?

    Dream Theater is my favoritte band. These guys are so f'n talented it's sick.
    Every album is like a hard rock, etc. opera.

    Any other fans out there?

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    Re: Dream Theater fans?

    I do like them. Especially that bit when they decided on covering the Master of Puppets album live for some shows.

    Petrucci and Portnoy do evoke feelings of awe in me whenever I see videos of them playing.
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    gee a band that covers Metallica and JBFF is a fan, that's hard to figure. but actually i've liked the stuff i've heard from them. not enough to really consider them one of my favorite bands ever though.

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    Re: Dream Theater fans?

    I've got to love guys who can cover the classics and not butcher the material.
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