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    Missing Digicam USB drivers......

    Okay, so for X-mas I got this "Mini Digi Cam" from Innovage- thing is, I can't get it to interact with my PC, due to device drivers which were neither in my system nor provided with the accompanying software- Does anyone know where I might find a "universal" type USB driver for such a thing???
    I've tried looking quite a bit and haven't come across anything that will do the trick- I'm running Windows 98 SE if that makes any difference- Any help here would be hot, thanks in advance!!

    PS I already contacted the software maker and they said to contact the hardware maker- thing is, it doesn't seem that one can contact Innovage
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    Re: Missing Digicam USB drivers......

    Try Office Depot?I've had some luck there with some computer related items.The staff was even helpful,but of course that is hit and miss.Maybe Best Buy too?They seem to sell a lot of cameras.
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    Re: Missing Digicam USB drivers......

    My father in law gave us a didi cam and he couldnt find the drivers for it. I went to there website and they had them available for download. Got em that way.
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