Hello Everyone!!!!!

Slowly but surely, they have been announcing various benefits for the members of the Fan Club. You can get in an hour early, special screening of Clone Wars 3, and I'm sure there will be much more in the coming months. I am attending Celebration III with my brother, who is not in the fan club. At first I didn't think this would be a problem, but it seems that it will. With my 4-Day pass I recieve 4 Fan Club passes. I originaly thought that these would allow my brother to tag along with me every day, but it seems these passes are only good for one event, not one day. Now I am faced with a minor dilema.

Is the Fan Club Membership kit worth it just to give him access to all the benefits at Celebration? All I really look forward to from the Fan Club is the magazine, really. The ironic thing is that he gets the magazine right now. When I had to re-subscribe when Lucasfilm took over, I still had a virtually brand new subscription with Paizo. . . so I get two magazines. So. . . he gets my extra mags.

Although I currently have a membership and a subscription, I am considering going halves with him on a membership just so he can have full access at Celebration. I'll get the membership kit (which isn't all that great), he'll get an "official" subscription, and most importantly there will be no problems in Indy.

I'm sure there are some more of you who are attending that are going to have this problem. What would you guys do? I think getting another membership is ridiculous, but do you see any other options?