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    Toy Fair Questions for Hasbro & Code 3

    SSG will be heading to New York Toy Fair in a few weeks, and will have the chance to ask Hasbro & Code 3 some of your questions. While it may not be possible to get all your questions asked, we will do our best to represent you, the SSG readers. So please post your questions here in this thread.

    Also, if you have any questions of any other SW licensees you want Steve to ask, feel free to post them in here, just let me know which licensee you are addressing the question to so I can put it in the right list.

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    Re: Toy Fair Questions for Hasbro & Code 3

    Action Fleet or something like small ships with figures & playsets anytime ? (not rehashed of Galoob products I mean...).
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    Smile Hasbro & Galoob rehashes

    First of all let me say this is a polite question, not just to polemize.

    Why does Hasbro try to restart old Galoob SW toy lines starting with rehash waves? This proved to be wrong with Saga Action Fleet (I think everybody agree, even Hasbro, the failure of the first waves prevented the new vehicles from being ordered by retailers), but now they are doing the same with Titanium Series and Micro Vehicles (with rehashes of Die-Cast and painted X-Ray vehicles). About this last line the last vehicle we know by now, seems to be the weird-looking "flat wings" Shuttle Tydirium contained in the JC Penny Exclusive Trilogy Gift Set, which was a really strange rendition of the imperial shuttle with flat and non movable wings (instead of pointed down, in flying mode, or up in landing mode). This model was criticized when it first came out, and we can easily predict it will be criticized this time too. Does not Hasbro think a possible new failure of these first waves will again kill the restarted lines before the fans can have the new vehicles, which could be a big success since the lack of new SW vehicles in these scales?


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    Re: Toy Fair Questions for Hasbro & Code 3

    With high demands from fans for the Action Fleet, will we see any new Action Fleet from episode 2 and 3, with possible figures? Similar to how Galoob made them.

    Will we see any other micro sets with figures, for Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith?
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    Re: Toy Fair Questions for Hasbro & Code 3

    Where are the PT Micro Machines?
    We need a Best Of TPM wave:
    Vehicle three packs
    Podracers gift set (with one racer for each vehicle)
    Naboo Palace Playset/ with Naboo hangar and duel place (opens up)
    Trade Federation Droid Control ship playset (opens up)
    Main characters set (nine figures)
    Trade Federation set (mix of all new Battle Droids, Destroyer Droids and clean-up droids)
    Naboo Forces pack (Gungans and Naboo soldiers/ guards/ pilots)

    Since we didn't get anything for AOTC.....
    Vehicle three packs
    Kamino playset (regular platform set)- or Clone Trooper helmet (Inside Action Playset/ Kamino)
    Arena playset (deluxe platform set)
    Zam Wesell Inside Action Transforming head (Coruscant- Padmé's appt., chase, Outlander club)
    Main characters set (nine figures)
    Clone Troopers (Infantry)
    Clone Troopers (with different sculpts and ranks- including Clone Pilots)
    Trade Federation (Battle Droids/ Super Battle Droids)
    Jedi (nine different Jedi- including some more known ones like Coleman Trebor, Aayla or Yoda) but also lesser known, generic Jedi
    Geonosians set

    I don't want to get spoilerific so here are some guesses:
    Vehicle three packs
    General Grievous Inside Action Head (Utapau?/ Invisible Hand?)
    Hooded Anakin Inside Action Head (Mustafar?)
    Wookie (Maybe Tarful) Inside Action Head (Kashyyyk- sp?)
    Darth Sidious/ Emperor Inside Action Head
    Invisible Hand ship/ playset (similar to the inside action Rebel Transporter and Star Destroyer)
    Utapau playset?
    Jedi Council playset?
    Main characters set (nine figures)
    Clone Troopers set
    Wookie Warriors set
    Seperatist Forces set

    PT Trilogy DIE-CASTs
    Naboo Fighter
    Anakin's Speeder
    Republic Gunship
    Obi Wan's Jedi Starfighter (AOTC)
    Anakin's Jedi Starfighter (ROTS)- color variation for Obi Wan's Jedi Starfighter (ROTS)
    ARC-170 Clone Starfighter


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    Re: Toy Fair Questions for Hasbro & Code 3

    HASBRO - What's the point? The replies you've received year after year from the Hoover lackeys at these shows have too often proven to be either wrong, contradictory, or outright lies. When they know the true answer about a toy or toy line is not what you want to hear, they come back with a raft of weasle words so non-committal that you may as well be listening to John Kerry when he's asked to give his unflagging, deepest core beliefs on abortion, or ask GW Bush if he's ever made a mistaken decision in his role as President.

    The only question that matters to me is will we ever see any NEW models of Action Fleet? If you get an honest, accurate answer, I'll be impressed.

    Code 3 - 1. If you wouldn't mind, please send my personal thanks for their quality and customer service, and tell them that at least one of your forum members thinks they are the best thing that's happened to collectors who are hardcore Sci-Fi hardware junkies.

    2. With the limited number of ships being produced, and with Code 3 working with resellers like Amazon, I'm concerned I will end up where I only still need one or two ships to complete my collection, and find they're sold out or discontinued. I would like to get all the Code 3 Star Wars ships, but I cannot justify (read as: listen to the raft of crap from my significant other about how much I spend on my collecting hobby) several ~$350 (ship+acrylic cover) purchases in a short period of time.

    Would Code 3 consider permitting loyal customers to place a deposit on the Star Wars collectibles to hold the item(s) for a certain period of time before full purchase?

    One option I'd like to see is an expansion of the current method of paying for your order via credit card with the charge split over a few months' time, but where you could basically order all or as many of the ships as you want at one time, have them charge a deposit up-front to hold all the vehicles for you, and then ship you a new vehicle every few months and continue charging your credit card the monthly amounts until your balance is paid in full. This way, you'd be assured that you can complete your collection over a reasonable period of time. It would be sort of like paying a monthly subscription membership to a Code 3 collectors club.

    People in this program could maybe get priority on things like receiving new releases soonest, which might mean we'd get the lower numbered pieces (like getting a vehicle that's number 20 of 1500 pieces made, instead of getting number 1200 of 1500 made).

    3. The size of the ships, their bases and covers makes showing all the Code 3 vehicles in the manner they deserve to be displayed somewhat challenging, as far as the amount of area required. Would there be any chance that an attractive, modular/expandable display system could be designed for people who have several, or all of the Code 3 Star Wars vehicles?

    4. Y-Wing, A-Wing, Jedi Starfighter, Snowspeeder, some captial ships, and maybe a TIE Defender, please!

    (thanks, JT!)
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    Re: Toy Fair Questions for Hasbro & Code 3

    I'd like to ask if Hasbro would consider re-issuing the Action Fleet E-Wing and Tie Defender, probably the rarest AF toys ever produced.

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    Re: Toy Fair Questions for Hasbro & Code 3

    Put the same question SWAFMAN asked of Code 3 to MR, if they are there. If they are there, give more advance notice of what they are working on, and when they can be ordered.

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    Re: Toy Fair Questions for Hasbro & Code 3

    Just to keep everybody in the loop, the deadline for questions is this Sunday.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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