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    Kellogg's Mini-Swirlz Cinnammon Bun Cereal

    I tried this new cereal and it's really good. I just thought I'd tell people.

    It isn't as filling as Corn Flakes or Raisin Bran for whatever reason. They bites are bigger, but they're air-puffy so they feel slightly hollow like Corn Pops. This has the result of making you want to eat more of them. Consequently, you'll buy more than one box of this cereal and you'll need extra milk - oh and you'll have to wash your dishes more frequently as you'll run out of cereal bowls faster.

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    Re: Kellogg's Mini-Swirlz Cinnammon Bun Cereal

    Well I had another bowl this morning. It's very good. It's like going to one of those "Cinnabuns" in the mall when you open the box up. The smell...

    The difference is that you don't have the soft moistness of freshly baked rolls, or that drippy white frosting coming off of it.

    I have some extra frosting from those Toaster Treats that come with the little frosting packs you squeeze out. I'm going to try adding the frosting to my cereal next time and see how that tastes. I'm not sure if it will work when I add the milk.

    Anyway, I also bought Quaker Cinnammon Life cereal yesterday (at the same time I bought the Kellogg brand) but I know that's good so I wasn't tempted to open that box up yet. I was just interested in trying something new. So far I haven't been disappointed.

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    Re: Kellogg's Mini-Swirlz Cinnammon Bun Cereal

    Does it have a lot of fiber? I need my daily dose of fiber to keep me regular
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    Re: Kellogg's Mini-Swirlz Cinnammon Bun Cereal

    Dietary Fiber is 1 gram, or 4% of the average daily balance for a healthy adult.

    I also eat toast (often cinnammon-sugar toast) with breakfast, and I try a variety of cereals.

    I have not noticed any changes in my bowel movements. Everything seems the same as it was before I started eating this new cereal.

    I do have to do the dishes now. I own 8 larger cereal bowls (I like eating from the really big ones - not those little things you get in restaurants). Off the subject a bit, I use those little ones (I think I have 12) for stuff like salsa for chip-dipping, or ranch for celery and carrot dipping - that sort of thing.

    Cereal needs to be eaten out of a big bowl. It makes the milk really refreshing, like you're almost drinking it, plus you can add more cereal if you put in too much milk.

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    Re: Kellogg's Mini-Swirlz Cinnammon Bun Cereal

    Is this a new cereal? I seem to recall several years ago a cereal that sounds very similar to the one you're talking about here and if I remember they were pretty darn good. But I think the one I'm thinking of was made by Post.
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    Re: Kellogg's Mini-Swirlz Cinnammon Bun Cereal

    It's fairly new around here.

    For cinnamon breakfast cereal, I stick to good old Cinnamon Toast Crunch, it's literally COVERED in cinnamon-sugar, the bottom of the bag dust is just crazy. For non-cereal cinnamon breakfast treats, I go with Trader Joe's Cinnamon Raisin bread (not their Cinnamon Raisin Swirl though, it has less of each) which is a ridiculous amount of both main flavorings, and each slice is massive.
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    Re: Kellogg's Mini-Swirlz Cinnammon Bun Cereal

    Mmmmm. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The sugar content seems to high that I seem to have a food coma after I eat it.

    You ever get sleepy after eating certain kinds of food (big hamburgers for example). I've observed this behavior in large carnivores as lions tend to eat, then take a bath, then take a nap.

    Sugar is like the opposite use from protein though, but it acts very different. Sort of like the Nitro-boost on Mad Max's car. Cinnammon Toast Crunch has that Nitro boost!

    Whoa! I've been misspelling cinnamon. A spell check for the forums would be great. I bet a lot of websites don't have that. It's possible I'm sure - sort of like when you click "Submit" the text goes through an editor program, and it highlights 1) any spelling errors in red and 2) marks with red asterisks any blocked words (bad language) so that the person clicking submit the 2nd time would have the chance to correct anything so that his message was understood.

    In this case, you all understood I was talking about the spice Cinnamon. In my cereal it actually has one less "m" and an unknown amount of less sugar than Cinammon Toast Crunch.

    I too also like Cinnamon Raisin Bread. I think SunMaid, the raisin company makes the kind I buy at Ralph's (a west coast grocery chain that's like everywhere in California).

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    Re: Kellogg's Mini-Swirlz Cinnammon Bun Cereal

    I'm partial to Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs as seen here:
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    Re: Kellogg's Mini-Swirlz Cinnammon Bun Cereal

    Stillakid, thanks for that great website link.

    I had no idea someone with that much time on their hands could come up with such a site. I guess there's something on the internet for everyone for sure now!

    Without regrets, my cereal of choice does not come with a catchy cartoon character on the box. Perhaps a person sniffing Mouse Droids with Swirlz in their eyes could help sales of this new cereal, while tie-in with Star Wars promotions, if there are MSE Droids on Republic Star Destroyers in Episode 3.

    But anyway, I have matured since several days ago and no longer require cartoon characters to induce me to buy cereal, although the Jedi Go-Gurts from Yoplai were fun last movie season - that's how I learned who Stass Allie was!

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    Re: Kellogg's Mini-Swirlz Cinnammon Bun Cereal

    The other night Conan O'Brien did a bit about the new Chocolate Lucky Charms that are coming out. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this idea, but I'm gonna give them a try ASAP.


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