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    Numbers 13-20 Love 'em or hate 'em?

    I love the 1979 released figures. As far as putting on display in a case, my eyes always jump right to Greedo, Walrus Man, Hammerhead, Luke X-wing etc. Although the body sculpts were less than accurate, the colors are the most brilliant I've still ever seen on the figures, and truth be told, the sculpts were pretty good for the era looking at Greedo's head-sculpt.

    Does anybody else love this group, or does everyone think they are a little overboard?
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    Re: Numbers 13-20 Love 'em or hate 'em?

    This group that you mention, were two 00f the first four figures I had gotten(Luke X-wing and Greedo), so yes I love them. Its what started this downward spiral of collecting almost 30 years ago. They were simple then, 5 points of articulation, head, shoulders, legs, very basic. Color scheme was good, especially on Walrus-Man. I love the blue and orange. The sculpts were awesome, like you said about Greedo's head. Walrus man and Hammerhgead were some of my favorites. They rocked. ALl the aliens did for that matter.

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    Re: Numbers 13-20 Love 'em or hate 'em?

    There is a certain charm with all the classic figures. They were amazing!
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    Re: Numbers 13-20 Love 'em or hate 'em?

    From my own experience, figures like the walrus man, power droid, greedo, R5-D4 are just as rare if not more rare than the original 12.... especially to find in great condition... When i see these figures sell for peanuts on ebay while the new abundant, dime a dozen, new figures are selling for a premium, it just makes me laugh... It really shows who does there homework and who will have some some investment potential vs.. none
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    Re: Numbers 13-20 Love 'em or hate 'em?

    Personally I hate them. The Power Droid and Death Star Droid add limited play value. Neither do a lot or play any major role. R5-D4 is in a similar position, but has a bigger role. As extras they're ok.

    I think Kenner botched the Cantina aliens. Greedo's head is well done, but the body is wrong. Walrus Man is all wrong. Only the head is close to being right. The feet, the body, arms, and colors are all wrong (I purple and orange are my two lest favorite colors). We all know Kenner did such a great job on Snaggletooth GL made them rework the figure. The red version is ok (painted toe nail?). So is Hammerhead. I love the shifty eye look, but I'm not so sure about the blue swim suit thing.

    X-wing Luke is the only one of this list had I had as a kid (the only Luke I had as a kid). He isn't really bad, but I have bitter memories of being stuck with what I thought of as the lamest version of Luke.

    And if we're talking about '79 figures, there's one missing. Now that was a great figure.
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    Re: Numbers 13-20 Love 'em or hate 'em?

    This wave was cool for the time. However my clear favorites of this were the Luke Pilot and Boba Fett, of course. Greedo was nice to as he had the handy enclosed hand so the gun couldn't fall out. The others were sort of lame and unexciting. However they have an awesome nostalgic quality.

    Until recently I honestly always thought that the Luke pilot looked like a standard pilot because I never realize that the black visor was a visor. I walways thought it was the hair of the figure.

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    Re: Numbers 13-20 Love 'em or hate 'em?

    I remember being REALLY excited about getting X-Wing Luke. My brother got Hammerhead at the same time, and we were both really happy with our choices on that occasion. Greedo showed up on my birthday cake with R2 in 79, which was exciting as well. The rest of these figures I don't remember getting very well at all. The wave breaks down into "Cantina" and "Non-Cantina" from my perspective; the cantina figures being the real eye-catching ones. I think they were more designed for that reason than for movie accuracy back in the day, and they worked quite well. The head sculpts on the aliens are quite good for the era as well.

    The Non-Cantina jobbies were much more accurate. I didn't pick up on the black being the visor for the first little while either, until someone pointed it out to me. The three droids are pretty cool, no real complaints about them (except trying to find a nice white R5 these days).

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    Re: Numbers 13-20 Love 'em or hate 'em?

    Hmm... interesting...
    Greedo: great. Cool fingers, funky outfit, awesome head sculpt (for '70s).
    Hammerhead: great. See above.
    R5-D4: eh.
    Power Droid: eh. Made a cool mini-hovercraft if you put it upside down.
    Death Star Droid: eh.
    Luke X-Wing: great. First duplicate figure version, we needed the pilots.
    Snaggletooth: eh.
    Walrusman: great. Loved the flippers, even had the titled gun hand before the '90s made it the en vogue style.

    Boba Fett? #21 wil have to wait, I guess.
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    Re: Numbers 13-20 Love 'em or hate 'em?

    I love every vintage figure. It's sickness. I got more play out of Luke X-Wing gear than just about any figure that I ever owned. If Luke had an adventure to go on, he needed to fly, and to fly he needed his pilot gear. The cantina guys are just classic. I used them as lackies for the Empire. They all died a thousand horrible deaths. Ahhhh, memories.

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