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    SSG C3 Party thread.

    This thread will be home to the details and updates of out SSG C3 party.

    It will just be my brother and I going. We decided only going the 22nd and 23rd since those are fullest days, pretty much this far in deciding. If we are having a SSG party I hope it will be on one of those days.
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    Re: Official SSG C3 Party thread.

    I'd be up for an SSG party at C3. Just incase, I do know that there is a party going on at one of the Hotels and is being put on by 501st, Rebel Legion, and I've contemplated going to this one, but if there is an SSG one, I'll be up for that instead. That other party, you have to be a member to sign up and pay for (like $20 I think).

    So lets get an SSG party going or atleast setup to go hang out somewhere. I know we talked about going out to dinner one of the nights (only places where kids can go since some people are bringing kids).

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    Re: Official SSG C3 Party thread.

    Like I said in one of the other threads, we should wear something, nametag, shirt, hat etc. to identify that we are a member of this board. So we can spot each other in the crowds if we run across each other.
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    Re: Official SSG C3 Party thread.

    We had name tags for CII. They were pretty darn cool. Dunno if Steve will have time to make them up again. ( Steve? )

    I still have mine..

    I wasnt able to bump into anyone the last time though. theres only gonna be a billion plus people.. all with tags on..

    Ill only be there that Friday. so, Im up for whatever. Dinner still sounds nice that night. I can look around to figure out whats close, or somewhat close..

    any price range we wanna stick too? Were all there to spend cash on SW stuff so I dunno what kinda meal we might be looking at.. Im not from there. so I dunno what they have besides the normal FF joints. which to me doesnt sound like the coolest place to hang out.. something moderate..

    Im so looking forward to this though - just getting away even for the day.

    I so need a lil vacation.
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    Re: Official SSG C3 Party thread.

    Yeah I like the idea of name tags or similar items to make us recognizable to other SSG'ers. Perhaps a tag thats like 1.5" x 3" and has SSG in big bright letters (like red/white letters on a black tag or black letters on a red/white tag - trying to fit with ROTS theme ) and below the big SSG letters have an area for the name (in smaller letters). I just think the SSG part should stand out since that is the easiest way to point us out.

    Shirts and stuff like that won't work for all since some of us plan to be in costume.
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    Re: Official SSG C3 Party thread.

    I wore that badge last time, but it was usually obscured by the CII one. What would work? Hmm . . .

    I nominate Steak 'n' Shake. It rules and we don't have any out here in CO. It was fun to see people in there dressed like Rebel pilots and Zam Wesell, the other people wondering what the hell was going on.
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