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    Who Is The Biggest Market

    I hope I phrased that right!

    But who buys the largest percent of Star Wars Figures is it the Kids or the Collectors

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    Hands down, collectors. If kids were interested in it, the toys wouldn't be clogging the shelves. Besides, how many 10 year olds do you know who can afford a $40 B-wing?

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    Absolutely the collectors. My folks were really quite generous when I was a child- picking up the odd STAR WARS figure for me when they went to the store, but the modern line is another completely different collander of noodles!

    Between the enormous variety of products and their price points, there is no way that a kid could keep up. It's amazing how I manage to keep up!
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    Same here, JEDIpartnr.

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    I heartily agree!

    I'm just glad I got my recent promotion so I can afford all the goodies to come.

    Bring on the clones ....
    well the toys that is.

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    Yep, kiddy interest goes down between films, so fewer kids will buy until AOTC figures appear.
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    Forgot all about the Shimi figure. This is another great figure released this year. Looks just like this woman I work with. Bought a bunch and left them around work so she would find them. Lots of fun with this figure.
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    You're twisted, Darth Metalmute. Did she find out it was you?

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    Does this question really need to be asked? Of course it's the collectors. I'd like to see a kid with shelves(sp?) of Star Wars stuff.


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