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    Sin City

    I thought maybe there would have been a topic discussing this one. Lately it seems that Sin City is everywhere I look. I was inspired last night after seeing the color pics of what NECA is doing for these figures (which are beautiful by the way).

    Anyone else excited for this one? I know the Frank Miller and Sin City fans are, but what about those who do not know the books. I would think this impressive cast list and directing talent would excite most movie fans.

    I am interested in seeing how Miller and Rodriguez bring That Yellow Bastard to the screen. The other story lines are great, too, but Hartigan's tale is a favorite. Hell, I am more than interested, I am itching to see this one so badly. Possibly more so than any other film this year (yes, even more than Episode 3 and Batman and Land of the Dead) because of the Sin City content. I guess you have to be a fan of the dark, dirty, and gritty world Miller brings out with this work.

    Other fans? Curious movie goes? Anyone?

    EDIT-Here's the trailer for those who may not know what I am talking about:
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    Re: Sin City

    I am more and more curious about this movie. I'll more than likely go see it. Comic elements mixed in with violence and nudity? Where can you go wrong?
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    Re: Sin City

    judging by the trailer it looks to be a perfect translation of the comics... i'm eagerly awaiting this one...
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    Re: Sin City

    Sin City is something I've always wanted to read, but for one reason or another haven't (yet).

    The movie does look really good.
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    Re: Sin City

    Entertainment Weekly put this movie on their cover with an article inside.

    Nick Stahl is awesome in general but from the pic they showed of him as That Yellow Bastard, it looks like they pulled him right out of the comic pages.

    Lots of CGI, should be interesting.
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    Re: Sin City

    I saw the trailer this weekend and I was really intrigued by it. Looks to be a definite for me to see. How great is Mickey Rourke gonna be ?

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    Re: Sin City

    I am most excited for Bruce Willis, but Clive Owen impresses me in the trailer.

    Mickey Rourke should be great. Everywhere I turn it's Marv this and Marv that.
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    Re: Sin City

    I'm with you Fettfield this movie looks fantastic and other than Episode III this is THE film I'm most looking forward to this year.

    I've been a Frank Miller fan ever since reading his Dark Knight Returns series back in 1986, a comic series that not only spawned my initial interest in Batman but got me heavily into collecting comic books in general. Miller's adult style of writing changed the world of comic books and made them accessable to more than just kids and Sin City was no exception. For those who haven't read the books the storyline is pretty hardcore and I love the fact that we seem to be getting more than just one of the 3 comic series incorporated into this movie. I would imagine we'll probably get the remainder if the film does well. The fact that Miller is co-directing lends credibility to Rodriguez's claim that he wants to bring the comics to life and leads me to believe this could end up being the most faithful comic book adaptation to date.

    I think the casting is dead on, the shot of Dwight standing in the alleyway with a gun in each hand and the shot of That Yellow Bastard sitting at that booth gave me chills the first time I saw them. Stahl looks amazing and if it wasn't for his name being listed in the film's long list of talent I never would have known that was him as That Yellow Bastard. I can't wait until April.
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    Re: Sin City

    That was a good one. Humor, violence, nasty things happening to good people, beautiful!

    However, I did not like Michael Madsen's performance. Anyone else feel he was off or was it just me? Love me some Hartigan, but not in a Nancy sort of way. And Elijah Wood as Kevin . . . BRILLIANT!

    It was exactly how I expected it to be visually. A comic book (er, graphic novel, sorry) brought to the big screen without losing any of that feel of the original source material. Really loved that aspect of it.

    My head is hurting something fierce right now, so I'm going to let this topic cool and see what others think. Damn movie theater always gives me a headache.
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    Re: Sin City


    Mixed feelings on this one. I know the fanboys are salivating and without having read the comic books I can say that it does look like a comic, and not in the dorky Joel Schumacher sense of the phrase.

    The unique feature of a comic is the thought bubble, and we have a lot of narration from inside the minds of the characters. This is all well and good, but it has the ability to slow down the movie in parts where things really need to move along. So pacing was a bit of a problem.

    The good news is that while it is derivative, it is somehow also really unique and you won't leave the theater feeling like you have seen it all before, a quality I prize most highly.

    It is about as violent as anything I've ever seen, and while the dimwits might love it simply for that quality (such as those I sat next to), the over-the-top mayhem got old after the Rourke story. You just sort of become numb to it after awhile.

    overall, it seems sort of like a pimply 14-year-old loser's wet dream- all of the women are hookers, all of them are dressed in hyper-fetish outfits, and all of them have great figures. The men are all indestructible misfit killing machines who are all really interchangable. I have a feeling Frank Miller didn't get much action from the girls as a kid, and was probably the victim of many wedgies. This movie will probably find its greatest admirers in similarly situated individuals.

    Me, I only sorta liked it.
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