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    Episode I Bloopers Left In The Film

    Does anybody know if there were many blooper left in Episode I appart from these?

    When Anakin puts C-3PO's eye back in, on the close-up of just Anakin, he picks it up with his left hand, when the view changes to a head on view of C-3PO it is in his right hand.

    When Queen Amidala regains control of the Throne room as she walks over to her throne her foot just slightly slips on the floor.

    Oh yes, and who could forget the biggest mistake of all, pretty much all through the film there is this one character named Jar Jar Binks, apparantly this came from when George Lucas visited Ewan McGregor on the set of Trainspotting and started to experement with Heroine.

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    On the DVD if you listen to the commentary they point out these two things:

    1. During the pod race, there's a brief scene where the camera if focused on Anakin's face and Sebulba's pod is behind him, but there's no Sebulba in the pod

    2. On Tatooine (I think) Obi-Wan has his braid on the wrong side of his head

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    When Obi Wan is dueling Maul at the end and they spin away from each other, Ewan nearly loses his footing on the slippery linoleum.

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    I hear that Eopie didn't mean to fart, but they left it in. Does that count?

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    I can't think think of any off the top of my head but you can find good one at the two links i've provided below.


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    The Eopie fart scene could have been left out. It was to me one of the lamest parts of the movie.
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    Amen, Obi-Don!
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    Here, Here!

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    Qui-Gon's Magical Shrinking Mustache is another frequent one. Obi-Wan's braid also moves often. And the famous Mace Windu stand-in on Naboo.
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    I always thought that wasn't Sam Jackson on Naboo, is it the bit where all the Jedi are walking down the ramp of the cruiser?
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