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    More ROTS card info

    Here's a detailed article from about what we can expect on the ROTS cards.


    There will be 6 different retail tins. All will feature images of Vader/Anakin. These tins are all smaller in size than the tins from Episode Two. (Think in terms of the sizes of those YuGiOh tins you sometimes see at the retail stores). Each tin will contain 3 packs of retail cards and 2 exclusive cards. There are a total of 12 cards exclusive to the tins. 6 cards that show the same image as the lid of the tin (the printers have been instructed to put the same card image in with the same tin) and a second set of 6 exclusive cards that are essentially 6 additional story cards, expanding upon the regular story cards from the set. The 6th card from this subset is essentially a summary card for the full film. The exclusive cards for the tins are all regular sized cards (no oversized cards for this set) and Topps has worked hard to ensure collation will work out for those who want to buy only the 6 tins. Better still, tins are priced at only $9.99. Essentially the same price you would pay for 3 packs of cards, but you are getting the 3 packs plus 2 exclusive cards, and the tin.

    If you are looking to collect the retail cards, buying them in the tins might be a more cost effective method than buying by the pack. I'm personally considering buying the tins, and then one box of retail cards, just because the retail have such cool chase cards in them this time around.


    In the past year, a lot of stores have been carrying YuGiOh and other CCG style cards on blister packs. Wizards of the Coast card packs are often sold in this way. Topps is joining the list of companies making their cards available to retailers on a blister pack, but adding some fun for collectors as well. Each Topps ROTS blister pack will contain 2 retail packs of cards and one exlusive card. There are 3 blister pack exclusive cards, each showing a montage for a different character (Grievous, Yoda, Clone Trooper). Blister packs are priced at only $3.99, so you are getting the bonus card at no extra cost. With only 3 blister pack exclusive cards to collect, these should be easy for most collectors to find, even if their local area stores don't choose to carry the ROTS cards.

    All ROTS products are scheduled to reach store shelves on April 2, 2005. You can ensure your store will carry the products by asking about them in advance. Companies like Walmart, Target, and TRU all purchase quantities of the retail cards, tins, and blister packs, but individual stores determine whether they will stock the product on their shelves. I know several stores in my area who have blister packs of other cards, and I intend to ask about whether they will have the Star Wars, since I'm eager to get the 3 exclusive cards.


    Okay wrapper fanatics, don't be disappointed, but there is a single 'style' of wrapper. A Vader image. This doesn't mean there won't be the usual retail, hobby, blister pack, tin, UK, etc. variations in terms of exact wording, pricing, etc. listed on the wrappers. But there will not be multiple characters or styles of wrappers for ROTS.


    There will be a total of 41 sketch card artists. Once again, Topps has worked hard to ensure there will be one sketch per Hobby box. Topps has 41 artists, each making a different number of cards based on their ability and time available to work on the card set. The 41 artists were selected in part to provide as wide a range of artistic styles as possible, so fans will again see a variety of styles in sketch cards. Artists were limited in the list of characters they could draw for the ROTS cards, focusing on the characters from this film (rather than all of the films as you had with the Heritage sets), which will make the ROTS cards highly focused on Episode III.


    If you've read the checklist on the page created for this card set on the site, you've probably already found that the set has quite a few spoilers in it. Unlike other preview card sets, this set has perhaps more spoilers than you would expect. Almost every card will reveal information about the film that some fans may not want to know yet. If you are truly interested in avoiding spoilers, don't open your card packs or boxes until after you have seen the film. If you do open them, definitely avoid reading the card backs. This card set will provide much more information about the film than previous preview card sets have done, and while the film will still have some secrets if you read all the cards, you have been warned that the number of secrets exposed in the card sets is huge.


    There will again be 6 etched foil cards for the ROTS set. These 6 cards will be the same in both the retail and hobby boxes. With so many unique chase cards in the retail vs. the hobby, you might wonder why these 6 particular cards were duplicated. The answer is simple, it is to ensure that every collector, whether they collect both hobby and retail, or just one type of card, has a chance to add these 6 cards to their collection. What is so special about these 6 cards. These cards continue the etched foil montage from the Heritage card set, which in turn continued the etched foil montage from the Star Wars Galaxy card sets. This continuation gives collectors a wonderful opportunity to tie their card collections together.


    No, there are no binders planned for this card set by the US division of Topps. As always, it is possible the UK division will choose to produce binders, but there is no information on that at this time.

    Maybe the tins will be cheaper this time.

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    Re: More ROTS card info

    Those sound pretty cool. I like the blister pack idea.
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    Re: More ROTS card info

    I'll be buying them.

    Looks like all the stops are being pulled for ROTS.

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    Re: More ROTS card info

    I hitnk everyt line of merchandising is going all out right now. The preview figs are done nicely, hopefully a sign of the regular line to come. TOPPS sounds like they stepped it up. Lego throwing Light up sabers into the mix. I guess they want to capitalize on the last chance of anything being made that is new.
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    Re: More ROTS card info

    Wow, looks like all of this is going to cost me a few bucks.

    I better just order one box and then spend the money from a second box on the tins intead. Odds are that I would get a poor sketch anyway, so why not go for the tins and exclusive cards instead ?

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    Re: More ROTS card info

    I have my box already ordered. Placed it last week.

    You can find some half-decent sketch cards on ebay.

    I'm surprised so much info is being released on the first set of ROTS cards. The first set of AOTC cards didn't contain the Geonosis battle.

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    Re: More ROTS card info

    What's the retail price for a basic pack of cards? If they've gone up from 1.99 to 2.99 I won't be buying any of them.
    Where are those new Star Wars toys?

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    Re: More ROTS card info

    Scored a "Bonus Box" with 6 packs of cards for $10 (each pack would be $1.99 alone) at Wal*Mart today. You get 7 cards per pack, 42 in all. They're great... and they're full of spoilers.
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    Re: More ROTS card info

    Nice find PF !

    I pre-ordered my factory sealed set of 6 different Tins each with an exclusive bonus card.

    I paid $45 for all 6 and while I don't know what they will retail for (each tin has the bonus card and 3 retail packs) I figure it's a good deal because that comes to $7.50 per tin and I was planning on paying around 10 bucks anyway.

    I'm so excited to get this card set ! ! !

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    Re: More ROTS card info

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    I'm so excited to get this card set ! ! !
    Yeah, me too. I was gonna just wait and buy a whole box, but I had to grab this one now. Nice thing, no doubles and I ended up with 7 different insert cards.

    I'm dying to scan pics and put them up, but...

    Those tins sound cool. I can't remember, what's the bonus card? Is it something special to just the tins?


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