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    Star Wars Hobby vs Valentine's Day?

    Will many of you be spending more on your collecting habits in February or more money on your honey, sweetie, signif. other, etc. for Valentine's Day? I just plan on getting my mom a card and maybe a few for the lovely ladies at work.
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    Re: Star Wars Hobby vs Valentine's Day?

    Well I vote for my Star Wars hobby, I don't have anybody to give a gift(only my mom, but I'll get her a SW card)...unless I talk to that girl I secretly like...but it's very unsure.

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    Re: Star Wars Hobby vs Valentine's Day?

    The girl i secretly(well not really) is my best friends girlfriend but im saving every penny for the new figs

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    Re: Star Wars Hobby vs Valentine's Day?

    I think it'll have to be Valentines Day. I've got flowers going out to 2 people at $30 a pop. On Monday, although I don't have a girlfriend, I'm going out to dinner with my roommates wife (he's gonna be at work), her sister (I'm working on her right now), and her sister's best friend (also working on her) so that'll be at least another $100 for dinner. So add it all up and I'll have dropped over $150 on Valentine's day and I won't get so much as a kiss out of it.

    Damn Hallmark holidays.

    BTW, don't forget Sweetest Day is coming up.
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    Re: Star Wars Hobby vs Valentine's Day?

    Considering that I am in love with myself, I plan on spending money on myself.

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    Re: Star Wars Hobby vs Valentine's Day?

    Valentine's Day - another holiday foisted on us by the florists of America!

    No doubt about this one. I'll be spending way more on my wife and best friend than I will on toys.
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    Re: Star Wars Hobby vs Valentine's Day?

    Power to the collectibles, they win my heart every time! Definitely spending my hard earned dollar on the Star Wars habit/collection. Every woman I have ever dated has broke my heart, so I've been slightly over two years without, and I'm keeping it that way (for now).
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    Re: Star Wars Hobby vs Valentine's Day?

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Considering that I am in love with myself, I plan on spending money on myself.

    Im somewhat in the same boat. Im single right now, but attempting to crack a very shy shell. I dont think its going to happen by Valentines Day, so its going towards my toys.
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    Re: Star Wars Hobby vs Valentine's Day?

    well, I don't collect much at all anymore, just a figure a month or less... BUT my girlfriend/wife doesn't think much of corporate "traditions", so I won't be spending crazy money, but I want to do something fun for her nonetheless........
    So I am going to cook up a sweet dinner of some sort and go and buy some kind of crazy flowering plant... or something like that... then we'll likely watch some Kung-Fu movies (her choice, too, she really is perfect!!) or something... nothing too fancy, and no Valentine-specific spending..... we haven't added anything to our plant collection for almost a month

    And if the weather's agreeable, we may even go for a walk abou town to see what goofy things we can see...

    Whatever way, hope the day doesn't cause any grief
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    Re: Star Wars Hobby vs Valentine's Day?

    Kebco just hit me for 1/2 of the cost of my Episode 3 that adds up. And if the orders get filled in Feb, they'll hit me for the other there is a chance that SW will get the nod this February.

    Just doing Dinner and Roses.


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