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    Polis Massan SPOILER

    Ijust saw some pics of polis @ what a goofy looking thing. Says he's a medic. Hmmm...

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    Re: Polis Massan SPOILER

    Extremely goofy looking, plays well with Playmobil
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Re: Polis Massan SPOILER

    That looks stupid! He reminds me of one of those little guys from Super Mario Bros. 2, with the mask with just the eyeholes. I thought he was the same species as Shu Mai, but obviously not.
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    Re: Polis Massan SPOILER

    You can Polis in the movie in a pic posted by JP in the SPOILER SECTION....

    click<----------CONTAINS SPOILER
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    Re: Polis Massan SPOILER

    Like a lot of "people" you see... it didn't look too bad until you see their face!
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    Re: Polis Massan SPOILER

    Let's keep in mind that as collectors, we have a tendency to look at things in a more adult way. It was stated in Insider that GL considers the movies to be for children (which explains Jar Jar and the comic relief of the droids) and this character is obviously for them.

    On another note, I would hope to see as many Wookiees as possible in figure form. I think a female with child (like the Tusken) would be great.

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    Re: Polis Massan SPOILER

    I'm sorry but this has to be one of the stupidest looking figures I've seen in a long time. The body looks fine but the face leaves tons to be desired.
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    Re: Polis Massan SPOILER

    I completely agree with you, JJL. Its head looks exactly like the thing from Mario Bros. 2. It looks really stupid. I wonder what genius at Lucasfilm designed this hunk of ***?
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    Re: Polis Massan SPOILER

    The body/outfit looks OK, like Slicker said, but that face... He looks like a Playschool version of Jason from the Firday the 13th movies.

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    Re: Polis Massan SPOILER

    Well, you decide. I think JJL was right. Lucas is a Super Mario 2 fan.
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