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    You guys are just so mellow.

    I've noticed something about the Lego collectors here, you're just so mellow. Issues that have enraged, divided or driven off collectors (or builders) that I know from other sites (Lego non SW) don't get brought up here.

    The color change has divided the people on lugnet into two political parties. Here? I've not heard a word about it. The color change of the mini figures has caused an up roar else where. But here I'm about the only one that even mentions it. One use bricks or specialty pieces were the bane (the color change changed that) and main dividing point on other sites. Here, myself and a few others bring it up from time to time. Click hinges, the instructions, and even the boxes are all things that brought out else where but not here. And yet this is the same crowd the rages about Hasbro and their doings.

    Anybody else see this or wonder about it?
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    Re: You guys are just so mellow.

    I'm a more casual Lego collector in that I gobble up anything I can get on clearance and then I'll select a few full priced sets to get from time to time. My input may not be very noteworthy on this subject due to the non-extreme level of my fandom for Legos.

    I just think they're neat. Overpriced at times but neat. As far as the change in fleshtone, I personally do not like it but it won't stop me from buying future sets ! I'm on record here at SSG as being rather pro-prequels and I don't expect to not like Episode 3, so what am I gonna do - skip all those fun Legos on account of the skin color ? No way.

    As for fighting or being divided, I really don't care. I can get into some good debates over the films but as far as the toys go, I don't really care. I collect some Hasbro stuff still, however I don't really post too much about it. If I don't like something, I won't buy it. I do not visit any other websites devoted to Lego so my experiences with other collectors has been limited to SSG.

    I'll step aside and let some of the more devoted Lego collectors have their say.

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    Re: You guys are just so mellow.

    My POV is pretty compimentary to Caesar's. I love the Lego line, yet I typically only buy a few sets at regular prices and get what I can mainly during the clearance feeding frenzies. I've made several comments on liking this and disliking that but I'm not a total hardcore collector or customizer so these changes don't irk me as much.

    I've tried to hang with the forums but most of those guys are just way over my head on part nomenclature and specific color descriptions on new schemes that I've given up. Maybe this is the attitude I should take with Hasbro's stuff cause right now Legos are way more fun to collect and fiddle with cause I don't get aggrivated with them.

    It doesn't bug me if you go off on one thing or another, LS, cause some good discussion on pros and cons can help make the threads interesting. Plus we may learn from each other how to improve on some of the sets if they have flaws.
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    Re: You guys are just so mellow.

    Same here, mostly. As a kid, I played with my Legos all the time. This was pre-kit days. If I have any problem with the Legos of today, besides the outrageous prices for plastic, it's that these have become models. In my day (starting to sound like an old fart), we had a huge box of Lego blocks and, get this, NO DIRECTIONS! My crowning achievement was 3 foot long rendition of the USS Kittyhawk. I used nothing but nearly every block we had plus a 2x2" picture of the ship from one of my dad's books. Sure, I suppose it would have been nice to have some "specialty" blocks, but obstacles inspire inspiration. I had to come up with solutions to make things look better because I didn't have perfectly angled or hinged pieces or whatever. The deck of my carrier was red with yellow (or blue, I can't remember) "painted" lines and numbers. My X-Wings were crude, but everybody got the point. My attempts at a Millenium Falcon never quite met my expectations, but I had fun trying anyway. I never worried too much about color. We went to play with the toys we had. And we were happy.

    I just recently took a look at all the Star Wars Lego ships and playsets we (my son and I) have and decided to integrate them into the general box. I took everything apart and unceremoniously dumped the pieces into the big box. I kept the directions for the ships and stuff, but now the Legos are back where they belong, suitable for playing with instead of sitting idle on a shelf.

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    Re: You guys are just so mellow.

    And that's a big reason why I read the Lego forums here because as I pick up extra sets on clearance or what have you, I'm always looking at ways to improve upon or combine sets. Sometimes I come up with cool ideas of my own but you guys are a very creative bunch around here so I can always get some cool ideas. With Hasbro toys, I don't have that issue because I'm not a customizer by any means.

    As for the nomenclature, I'm sure it would be way over my head, too. Sometimes when I read JT's posts I have to think hard to realize what parts he refers to. But it's just a matter of me not being totally up with the part descriptions.

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    Re: You guys are just so mellow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    As for the nomenclature, I'm sure it would be way over my head, too. Sometimes when I read JT's posts I have to think hard to realize what parts he refers to. But it's just a matter of me not being totally up with the part descriptions.
    I remember when my little brother and myself would "play" Legos. We'd say "hey I need a bendy piece" and we both knew exactly what it meant.

    Those were the days indeed when you'd practically have a refrigirator box full of Legos and you'd just sit in the bedroom for hours building monstrosities that you thought resembled something from the real world.
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    Re: You guys are just so mellow.

    Being someone who just started getting the Star Wars LEGO's in the past few days, I don't really have any beef with anything yet because nothing is a re-hash when you haven't bought it yet . But seriously I can understand people getting upset about re-hashes, but color tones on the mini-figs? Come on people it's not going to break a collector for having different color mini-figs.
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    Re: You guys are just so mellow.

    Well, I'm fairly pleased with LEGO's Star Wars line so I don't feel the need to engage in any heated debates about the product. Since I collect other themes the issues that have been touched on here do aggravate me but I think LEGO has reached out to their adult collectors in recent years. They now offer bulk brick sales and have re-released many classic sets from the 1980s as an alternative to the new sets released for their primary market, children.

    The head color change is not really a big deal to me. I'm primarily a set collector rather than a custom builder so the company's phasing out of the old colors for new doesn't really affect me. But I can understand Castle-Space-Trainheads ire in losing classic colors since they've built with them so long and have come to depend on parts still issued in the colors of old.

    The idea that LEGO has moved from selling just basic bricks to a "kit" or model-only oriented product are a bit unfounded. The first Town Plan sets were issued in the 1950s. Although these sets came without instructions, they were designed to build a specific thing - a model city. But sets designed to build specific models were released in just about every year since. The LEGO System with it's themes and subthemes was introduced in the late 1970s. So kits and models with step by step instructions have been around for a long time.

    I don't think the educational value of the toy is lessened with the inclusion of instructions for a specific model. I think the reason LEGO has floundered in recent years is because kids prefer toys that offer instant gratification - like video games - over toys that require an hour or two of set-up and building time before play can commence. In order to entice children back, LEGO has reduced the size and complexity of their sets by introducing larger single-use elements. This makes building the set easier so play can begin more quickly.

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    Re: You guys are just so mellow.

    I've been a Lego fan for the longest time, and there are some changes that bug me like the skin tones and the click-hinges, but I try not to let the arguments about them get too heated simply because it doesn't really change anything - it's fun to discuss the opposing views, but once it gets serious it's not worth getting upset over.

    As for my descrips of the pieces, I am not so hardcore that I have memorized the names of all the pieces, so I try to describe them by their color and shape and number of studs (though I do assume most of you could figure out the difference between a Lego brick and a Lego plate ).

    I guess we're not the most organized band of Lego Star Wars fans, but we're having fun with it and it's growing in here because of that. I like talking Lego and I like talking SW, but it's not my life.
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    Re: You guys are just so mellow.

    I am with most of the group. I buy them casually onclearance sales. I amnot a fan of the skin changes, but hey, what can you do?
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