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Thread: Figure Storage

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    Figure Storage

    I saw on another site, someone bought the new Eeth Koth and Zutton, and right from the store put them in those expensive plastic figure holders. I admit, I used to do that as well. But, monetary restrictions forced me to find a cheaper way to store my figures. What I found that is cheap and works wonderfully (for me) are the $1.39 Steralite plastic shoe boxes you can pick up at Target. When they go on sale, they only cost $.99 and I fit 4 figures very nicely inside, 6 if you have figures with narrow blisters. The boxes stack well and overall take up much less room.
    Anyone else with ideas?
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    The best way for me to store my figures is to put a long , but narrow board around the tops of my walls. Add a long line of nails and hang all my packaged figures on the nails. Some people might think this is stupid but it works for me. Also , it doesn't take up too much space. As for my loose figures, I don't store them in anything. They just set on my shelves and so I have to dust often. That gets really annoying trying to dust off all my little loose figures. I'll probably get one of those huge cabinets with the glass doors to put my loose figures in. It might take up a little more space but it will look nice.
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    Though I usually open all of my figures, I do sometimes buy extras to sit on for future reference. Over the years the accumulation is rather substantial. I have found that the (I believe they are) 55 gallon Stearlite lidded tubs (Wal-Mart, approximatly $6.00 each) work very well to hold 30 or 40 some-odd figures, possibly more. If you nest them with two blisters facing and stand them on end (bottom of card/blister down on the "floor" of the tub), you can make two rows of figures with a little space left on the sides (if memory serves). You can store a ton of figures with much the same level of protection as the shoebox method. Much, much cheaper than Star Cases and you can store up a ton pretty pronto.
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    Do to the fact that all mine are open. I have all mine in book cases. Yes dusting,but I don't mind.It gives me a chance to rearange and so on. If I need to store them. I use the zip lock bags. Thier cheap and easy to store in a box.
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    I put all my loose figures in individual ziploc baggies w/ their accessories and put them in a small size plastic bin. Easy to store, easy to access.

    Carded figures go into Hasbro shipping boxes exactly like the ones that figures arrive at the stores in.
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    Well, I've tried various methods for storing my figures, carded and loose.

    Loose, I used to put them in bin organizers (for lack of a better word). Each bin held 1 fig. with weapons. Each organizer held 60 bins (6 across and 10 high).

    Unfortunatly, when I moved it became a mess. Now I go with plastic baggies.

    Carded, I have had several methods over the years. I used to hang them on my wall. Then, I moved, and I noticed white paint had managed to stick to the backs of a few cards.

    After the move I invested in several cardboard storage boxes. These work well for storing in the closet of a nice climate/temperature controlled home.

    I wanted something a little more sturdy and protective, so I bought those big plastic containers.

    Then I wanted to display my figs, so I bought some Star Cases, at around $1.00 each.

    Then we moved again. When we unpacked I found that the shippers had damaged some of the carded figures in the process.

    However, EVERY single figure in a Star Case arrived MINT!!! A couple of the cases got dented, scratched, etc. But NONE of the cards were damaged.

    I have decided that, since we move around a lot, I will buy pro cases/ star cases for EVERY carded figure I own. It may be an extra buck a figure, but that's cheaper than trying to replace it. Especially since many are foreign cards that are difficult to come locate.

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    I collect mostly carded figures, and the best way I have found to store figures, along with the most space efficient, is to store them in large comic book storage boxes. They are very sturdy and they even hold star cases. They usually run about $3 to $5 each, but if you store the figures bubble to bubble, you can get around 20 figures in each.

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    I store my carded figures in file boxes bubble to bubble. I can get between 20 and 40 figures in a box depending on the bubble size. I've got about 30 boxes full. My loose figures that aren't on display just get dumped in a box. Plastic baggies? Will it make that much difference?

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    I have opened stuff on a shelf too and found a great, CHEAP, way to keep the dust off. I bought one of the poster frames, carefully drilled some holes in it that corresponded to small nails I put in the shelf (would also work on a bookcase) just 3 along the top, and hung the light piece of plastic on. It stays right up against the shelf and dusting is at a minimum.

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    Originally posted by sith_killer_99

    Then I wanted to display my figs, so I bought some Star Cases, at around $1.00 each.

    So, tell us, where do you buy your Star Cases at $1.00 each?

    Also, as cjranck mentioned, comic boxes are ideal for the standard carded figures. I use them to carry and store the figures I take to local toy shows for sale/trade. I've found them to be ideal storage.

    Finally, I'd like to applaud INDIANA for such an innovative method for displaying loose figures relatively dust-free. Hopefully I can addapt that method to my loose figure collection when it is moved into its new, permanant home later this year.
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